Our 27 Best Recipes to Use Up Leftover TurkeyRecipes
Get creative by treating your leftover turkey like shredded chicken.

More Turkey Leftover Ideas

Turkey Pot PieRecipes
It might even be better than the Thanksgiving meal itself.
Turkey Shepherd's PieRecipes
Leftovers that don't taste like Thanksgiving: The Sequel.
Turkey à la King Recipes
The perfect solution once you're tired of day-after sandwiches.
Turkey Noodle CasseroleRecipes
This is so much better than a turkey sandwich.

Freezing & Reheating Guides

How to Freeze and Reheat Mashed PotatoesSkills
Yes, you can freeze mashed potatoes. Here's how.
How to Reheat Leftover TurkeyRecipes
Learn the best way to reheat leftover turkey this weekend and a few tips for better microwaved leftovers.
How To Reheat GravyRecipes

Low and slow is the way to go when reheating gravy.

How to Reheat Leftover Stuffing
Thanksgiving Leftovers
You'll really want to eat these leftovers straight from the pan.
How To Cook a Turkey: The Simplest, Easiest MethodRecipes
If you get anxious, just remember: Roasting a turkey is just like roasting a large chicken.

More Turkey Essentials

How to Deep-Fry a TurkeyRecipes
Find *everything* you need to know to safely fry the crispiest, most delicious holiday turkey at home.
How To Brine a Turkey to Keep It Extra TenderRecipes
This is your ticket to a juicy, full-flavored turkey.
How To Cook a Frozen TurkeyRecipes
Against all odds, yes, it works.
How To Roast a Turkey in an Oven BagRecipes
Chances are high someone in your family swears by this method, Here's why.
How to Roast a Turkey Breast Recipes
There's no flipping, no basting, no fuss.
How to Properly Check Your Turkey's TemperatureSkills
Here's how to take the temperature of your turkey and make sure that it's arrived at the safe internal temperature for eating.
How To Safely Thaw a Frozen TurkeyRecipes
Good golly, is that turkey frozen *solid.* Here's how to make sure it's ready in time for your holiday meal.
How To Carve a Turkey: The Simplest, Easiest MethodSkills
All you need is a sharp knife and a steady workstation, and we'll show you the rest.
35+ Essential Thanksgiving Recipes to Try This YearRecipes
Not sure what to make this year? We've got you covered.

More Thanksgiving Menu Ideas

Every Thanksgiving Recipe You'll Ever NeedRecipes
From the essentials to the non-turkey mains, sides, pies, and even drinks to help plan a delicious holiday dinner.
Easy Turkey Recipes for Your Best Thanksgiving Ever

Still figuring out your turkey plan? Try one of these easy turkey recipes.

15 Tasty Alternatives to Turkey for ThanksgivingRecipes
This is how to do Thanksgiving sans turkey.
21 Thanksgiving Side Dishes That Travel WellRecipes

From fresh slaws to pillowy dinner rolls, these are the sides we reach for when hitting the road for Thanksgiving.

50+ Make-Ahead Thanksgiving Side DishesRecipes
Get a head-start on your side dishes.

More Sides That Steal the Show

Perfect Mashed PotatoesRecipes
The richest, creamiest, most classic version.
Classic Green Bean CasseroleRecipes
All from scratch, except for those (already-perfect) store-bought fried onions.
Best Thanksgiving StuffingRecipes
Like the boxed stuff, but so much better. Here's a step-by-step recipe that shows how to get the taste you crave on Thanksgiving and beyond.
Maple-Bacon Brussels SproutsRecipes
Bacon and maple syrup make everything better.
5-Ingredient Sweet Potato CasseroleRecipes
There's honestly no reason to make it any other way.
Easiest-Ever Jiffy Corn Casserole Recipes
It's somewhere between cornbread and corn pudding, and we're here for it.
Candied CarrotsRecipes
Bonus: You can make it ahead.
Apple Sausage StuffingRecipes
There are few things they love more than this recipe.

Mashed Potato Tips & Ideas

Cheesy Baked Mashed PotatoesRecipes
These decadent potatoes boast a golden-brown crust and a rich, creamy, extra-cheesy center.
Sour Cream Mashed PotatoesRecipes
Sour cream gives it a tangy, creamy kick.
Instant Pot Mashed PotatoesRecipes
They come out perfectly creamy and flavorful every single time.
Slow Cooker Mashed PotatoesRecipes
Here's a step-by-step recipe for the best mashed potatoes, made from start to finish in the slow cooker.
Loaded Mashed Potatoes Recipes
Consider this a must for Thanksgiving dinner and meatloaf Sundays.
5 Mashed Potato Mistakes to AvoidPlan & Prep

These are the common mistakes to avoid to ensure mashed potato success.

How To Boil PotatoesRecipes
Whether you're boiling your first potato tonight or wonder if you've been doing it right, this step-by-step guide will show you the way.
4 Ways to Keep Mashed Potatoes WarmRecipes
So you're making Thanksgiving dinner for 20 people and you're wondering whether you can make the mashed potatoes ahead of time and keep them warm. The answer is yes!

Stuffing & Dressing

Easiest Thanksgiving Stuffing
30 Days of Broth
It might already be in your pantry.
Stovetop Thanksgiving StuffingRecipes

This stuffing made with crusty, artisan bread and fresh herbs and vegetables is so, so good.

2-Ingredient Boxed Stuffing Upgrades
Snapshot Cooking
Give the mix your own twist.
Our 16 Best Thanksgiving Stuffing RecipesRecipes
Because Thanksgiving dinner isn't complete without it.

Green Bean Recipes

How To Cook Green BeansRecipes
For perfectly cooked green beans that are flavorful, crisp, and tender, you have to employ this quick two-step technique.
Bacon-Wrapped Green BeansRecipes
These little bundles couldn't be more fun and festive.
Green Bean SaladRecipes
A festive side dish for any occasion.
Roasted Green BeansRecipes
The charred bits are everything.
45+ Easy Thanksgiving AppetizersRecipes
Cranberry Brie bites are my go-to.

More Apps, Salads & Soups

How to Make a Charcuterie BoardRecipes
Shopping lists, building tips, and more!
Bacon-Wrapped DatesRecipes
The combination of salty, crispy bacon with sugar-sweet dates and creamy cheese in the middle is absolutely irresistible.
20+ Thanksgiving Soups to Start Your MealRecipes
Bonus: They all can be made ahead of time.
35+ Fresh & Vibrant Thanksgiving SaladsRecipes
It's worth making room.

Sweet Potato Recipes

Classic Thanksgiving Sweet PotatoesRecipes
Don't mess with a classic — unless you can improve it.
Nov 10, 2020
Best Mashed Sweet PotatoesRecipes
A few small upgrades make all the difference.
Nov 7, 2021
Roasted Sweet PotatoesRecipes
These are the roasted sweet potatoes you crave.
Nov 17, 2020
55+ Swoon-Worthy Sweet Potato RecipesRecipes
Sweet potato bliss starts here.
Sep 21, 2022

Breads & Rolls

Parker House RollsRecipes

Parker House Rolls are what regular dinner rolls want to be when they grow up. Here’s how to make them, step-by-step.

Southern-Style Buttermilk BiscuitsRecipes
Every bit of tenderness I owe to the cooks who coached me in the storied art of Southern biscuit-making.
5 Mistakes to Avoid When Making BiscuitsSkills

Before you get ready to bake up you next batch of biscuits, here are five mistakes you’ll want to steer clear of.

How To Reheat Dinner RollsRecipes

Our favorite rule for reheating leftovers applies here (reheat the food in the way it was prepared), so into the oven your rolls should go for reheating.

Gravy Recipes

Quick Turkey GravyRecipes
Our tried-and-true method!
5 Ways to Upgrade a Jar of GravyPlan & Prep

If you are reaching for a jar or carton of gravy at the store, here are five easy ways to give it a boost.

Classic White GravyRecipes
All you need is butter, flour, milk, salt, and pepper.
The Best (and Easiest) Way to Fix Lumpy GravySkills
Smooth gravy in 1 minute!

Cranberry Recipes

Cranberry-Orange SauceRecipes
A classic cranberry sauce that requires just three ingredients.
Cranberry Fluff SaladRecipes
Sweet, creamy nostalgia.
The Easiest Cranberry SauceRecipes

Cranberry sauce is by far the easiest part of the Thanksgiving spread to make yourself, and there’s a big payoff in taste.

40 Can't-Miss Cranberry Recipes to Make This SeasonRecipes
Cranberry sauce is just the beginning.
Over 50 of Our Best Thanksgiving Pie RecipesRecipes
Holiday dessert inspiration: straight ahead.

More Pie Tips & Ideas

Classic Pumpkin PieRecipes
This is the classic recipe, but with a few little tips for making it just a little better.
Classic Pecan PieRecipes
The only pecan pie recipe you'll ever need.
Peanut Butter Pie Recipes
You've been warned.
Sweet Potato PieRecipes
The sweeter, creamier pal to pumpkin pie.
Chocolate Pecan PieRecipes
Don't wait until Thanksgiving to make it.
Apple Crumble Pie Recipes
A thick layer of buttery, sweet crumbs crowns the top.
5 Sweet Potato Pie Mistakes to Avoid Plan & Prep
Sweet potato pie is the sweeter, creamier Southern cousin of pumpkin pie. And it’s the antidote for pumpkin spice haters. While sweet potato pie does require cooking a few sweet potatoes, it doesn’t require cooking the filling, and if you’ve got a tart pan you can skip blind baking the crust. While sweet potato pie is a near perfect replacement for pumpkin pie, there are still a few missteps you’ll want to avoid on your path to pie perfection.
How To Blind Bake a Pie CrustRecipes
Because you deserve pie perfection.
How to Crimp Pie Crust Like a ProSkills
The secret to picture-perfect pie crust is all about patience and a little bit of technique.
How To Freeze Pumpkin PieSkills
The secret for successful holiday baking? Always be prepared.
How to Store Pumpkin Pie So It LastsSkills
Whether you're making your pies ahead for Thanksgiving or you want to preserve the leftovers, we have answer for you.
Why You Should Cook Apples for Apple PiePlan & Prep
We’re in the midst of prime time for apple-pie baking. And with Thanksgiving on the horizon, there’s something important you should know about making this classic dessert: it’s about all making your apple pie filling. If you’ve been filling your apple pies with raw, thin slices of fruit, it’s time to rethink your strategy. Sautéeing the apples along with sugar and spices will add a deep, rich caramelized flavor to your pie.

More Thanksgiving Desserts

Pumpkin RollRecipes
This recipe is foolproof.
Sweet Potato CheesecakeRecipes
Like sweet potato pie, but so much better.
Our 70 Best Thanksgiving Dessert RecipesRecipes
You're hardly limited to just pumpkin pie and pecan pie.
30+ of Our Absolute Favorite Pumpkin DessertsRecipes
Consider this your fall bucket list.

Thanksgiving Drinks

Mulled CiderRecipes
The easiest way to make hot spiced cider. A slow cooker does double duty of both mulling the cider and keeping it warm for hours.
Perfect Cosmopolitan CocktailRecipes
Carrie would definitely approve.
The 5 Best White Wines for CookingGroceries
Sauvignon Blanc, Marsala, and a bonus tip on how to use up that extra bubbly.
30 Tasty Cocktails to Serve on ThanksgivingRecipes
Don't forget the drinks.
Vegetarian Thanksgiving MenuRecipes
It involves a show-stopping main that's sure to make everyone cheer.

More Vegan & Vegetarian Thanksgiving Ideas

Vegan Pumpkin PieRecipes
This rich and creamy vegan pumpkin pie features an easy homemade coconut oil pie crust and silky-smooth vegan filling.
Vegan Mashed PotatoesRecipes
We tried every method out there to come up with the very best.
35 Essential Vegan Thanksgiving RecipesRecipes
Fall-forward, veg-heavy recipes that can sometimes even act as a main.
30 Essential Vegetarian Thanksgiving Side DishesRecipes
Stuffings, mashes, casseroles and more.

Gluten-Free Thanksgiving Recipes

Gluten-Free Pumpkin PieRecipes
It's everything you love about the classic, minus the gluten.
5 Gluten-Free Alternatives to StuffingSkills

While you can definitely substitute gluten-free bread into your favorite stuffing recipe, consider a break from tradition and trying something new instead.

Gluten-Free StuffingRecipes

Here's how to make gluten-free stuffing for Thanksgiving.

Gluten-Free GravyRecipes

This gluten-free gravy has three major components: flour, fat, and stock.

Air Fryer, Slow Cooker & Instant Pot

25 Essential Air Fryer Thanksgiving RecipesRecipes
It's the answer to more oven space *and* it makes the crispiest Brussels sprouts.
Slow Cooker Turkey BreastRecipes
Slow cooker turkey for Thanksgiving or any other Thursday.
All the Thanksgiving Instant Pot Recipes You'll Ever NeedRecipes
These are the recipes and tips you need to know to get the most out of your Instant Pot this Thanksgiving.
28 Essentials Thanksgiving Slow Cooker RecipesRecipes
From the main course to dessert, let your slow cooker do the work this Thanksgiving.
Our Best Thanksgiving Menu for 2 PeoplePlan & Prep
Spoiler alert: You won't be eating leftovers for a month.

More Small Thanksgiving Gathering Ideas

How to Make Thanksgiving Dinner on 2 Sheet PansRecipes

If you’re tasked with putting together a smaller Thanksgiving feast this year — like, say, for Friendsgiving — it’s totally possible to do it all on two sheet pans.

This Perfect Small Thanksgiving Dinner MenuRecipes
It's full of traditional flavor and serves two to four.
Bacon-Wrapped Air Fryer Cornish HensRecipes
You can fit two whole birds in your air fryer.
Mashed Potatoes for Just Two PeopleRecipes
If you're cooking Thanksgiving dinner for just two, you can easily whip up mashed potatoes without making a Thanksgiving-sized pot-full.

Thanksgiving Equipment Essentials

The Best Meat Thermometers to Buy Right Now
Best List
Including a truly awesome, accurate pick for just $35.
The Best Pie Plates for Home Bakers
Our favorite also happens to be gorgeous.
The Absolute Best Casserole Dishes for Thanksgiving
Best List
Including a $20 pick!
Best Roasting Pans
Best List
Thanksgiving's coming up!

Thanksgiving Grocery Essentials

Best Store-Bought Frozen Dinner Rolls Groceries
Par-baked, almost-from-scratch, and gluten-free options!
Best Store-Bought Thanksgiving PiesGroceries
Because store-bought is fine!
Best Store-Bought Turkey Gravy
Taste Test
It's OK to cut some corners.
Best Cornbread Mix
Taste Test
There was a good runner-up, too.


Banana Cream Pie Is Sunshine in a Pie DishRecipes
Pastry cream, bananas, flaky pie crust, and fluffy whipped cream is a recipe for smiles.
Mississippi Mud Pie Is the Southern Dessert of My DreamsRecipes
Oreo cookie crust + brownie + chocolate pudding + whipped cream = heaven.
How To Reheat Thanksgiving LeftoversSkills
Because sometimes you want a repeat of yesterday's glory minus all the hard work.
32 Best Recipes to Use Up Leftover TurkeyRecipes
Get creative by treating your leftover turkey like shredded chicken.
4 Clever Ways to Organize All Your Thanksgiving LeftoversKitchen
Figuring out what to do with your Thanksgiving Day leftovers is almost as stressful as cooking dinner in the first place.
Is Publix Open on Thanksgiving 2022?Groceries
Just in case you need to pick something up!
Is Dollar General Open on Thanksgiving Day 2022?Groceries
Here's what you need to know.
Better-than-the-Box Vanilla WafersRecipes
Never buy the boxed kind again.
Is Target Open on Thanksgiving Day 2022?Groceries
In case you need to know!
Truss Your Turkey Without Twine with Sohla El-Waylly’s Easy TrickSkills
Save some time by not having to pick up twine!
Field Greens and Poached Pear Salad Is a Thanksgiving Side That Steals the ShowRecipes
The only Thanksgiving salad you'll ever need.
How To Cook a Frozen TurkeyRecipes
Against all odds, yes, it works.
This Simple Butter Tip Will Make Your Thanksgiving So Much BetterSkills
Doing this will give you better sauces, desserts, and more.
Exactly When to Take Your Turkey Out of the FreezerPlan & Prep
Three words: Thaw. The. Turkey.
The Best Pie Plates for Home Bakers, According to Experts
You get a pie plate, and you get a pie plate!
How to Properly Check a Turkey’s Temperature for DonenessSkills
Here's how to take the temperature of your turkey and make sure that it's arrived at the safe internal temperature for eating.
How to Store Pumpkin Pie So It LastsSkills
Whether you're making your pies ahead for Thanksgiving or you want to preserve the leftovers, we have answer for you.
Our 46 Best Thanksgiving Pie RecipesRecipes
Holiday dessert inspiration: straight ahead.
5-Ingredient Pumpkin Pie Bars Are Pure MagicRecipes
Sugar cookie crust + pie filling + oat crumble = heaven.