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Feb 23, 2024
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Tender sautéed greens are an easy go-to side everyone should know how to make. They pair with everything from quick pastas to homemade pizza, and come together in minutes. These mustard greens are smothered in lots of garlic, kicked up with a pinch of red pepper flakes, and brightened with balsamic. When you have the main dish squared away, mustard greens are the easiest answer to “What should we have with it?
Feb 15, 2024


This Lemony Greek Chicken Soup Is So Good, I Make a Pot Every Week
Almost every culture has a homey version of chicken soup to comfort the sick or the soul weary, or to stave off the chill of cold weather, but the Greeks might just have one of the best: the egg and lemon soup known as avgolemono. Here’s how to make this classic comforting soup at home. First of all, it’s gorgeous. The broth is vibrant yellow from the eggs and heavily scented with lemon fragrance. The broth is rich, but not heavy.
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