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Quick Suppers

The Hawaiian-Inspired Dinner I Make on Summer Nights When It's Too Hot to Cook
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I've Spent Years Perfecting My Turkey Burger Recipe
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The Chicken Lettuce Wraps I'm Making on Repeat This Summer
For all the times I have ordered chicken lettuce wraps at restaurants like P.F. Chang’s, inhaled entire “appetizers” by myself, and sighed with happiness while licking sticky sauce from my fingers, it never once occurred to me to try making this dish at home. Partly, lettuce wraps have always felt like an indulgence that needed restriction to restaurant visits only.
Jun 20, 2024
I Guarantee This Is the Best Chicken Dinner You'll Make All Summer
It doesn’t get any better than this.
Jun 18, 2024


Bush’s Baked Beans Summer Pasta Salad
Some dishes are a must-have in the summer. Two that top the list are baked beans and pasta salad. Here, Bush’s Baked Beans are added to mini farfalle (bowtie) pasta, crunchy cucumber, fresh tomatoes, and sweet summer corn, using the sweet and smoky sauce of the baked beans to dress the salad. It’s a marriage of two classic cook-out dishes that will have everyone in the crowd asking for more.
Jun 14, 2024
My Favorite 2-Ingredient Pasta on Nights When I Don't Want to Cook
Two ingredients and less than half an hour is all you need.
Jun 12, 2024
This One-Pot Pasta Primavera Is My Family’s Favorite Summer Dinner
Where once I’d pounce on a chef-made bowl of al dente pasta and crisp-tender spring vegetables, now it’s a dish I prefer to make at home. Using what’s fresh and new at the market, I slice and dice carrots, bell peppers, peas, spring onions, and baby Broccolini before tossing them into a pot to quickly cook with penne pasta. Finished with bright and citrusy lemon butter and a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese, this warm-weather supper is perfection. And the best part?
Jun 6, 2024
My Zucchini Butter Pasta Is the Dinner of the Summer
I’ll be making it again and again.
Jun 3, 2024