How To Reheat Gravy: The Best, Simplest Method

How To Reheat Gravy: The Best, Simplest Method

Meghan Splawn
Nov 22, 2017
(Image credit: Joe Lingeman)

Gravy gets a bad rap as being fussy, tricky to make, and tricky to reheat, but that just isn't true. You can make gravy weeks ahead, freeze, and reheat it on Thanksgiving day. You can make gravy a day ahead and reheat it even. As long as you stick to a few really basic principles, there is no need to fuss over gravy.

The Best Method for Reheating Gravy: A Skillet

Low and slow is the way to go when reheating gravy. Low means both heat and pan size here. Select a skillet rather than a pan to increase the gravy's surface area to reheat it evenly and gently. Here are the three steps you need to know to reheat gravy.

  • Spoon it into the skillet: Spooning breaks up gelled gravy into easy-to-reheat portions.
  • Heat on low: Don't heat the pan and add the gravy. Start the cool gravy in a cool pan to reheat slowly.
  • Stir until simmering: Stir the gravy as you reheat it to help it heat evenly.

The Fastest Method for Reheating Gravy: The Microwave

The same rules for reheating apply if you need to heat the gravy in the microwave: Move the gravy to something shallow in depth that's microwave safe, and use short 30-second bursts of heat, stirring in between, until the gravy is liquid and steaming.

How To Reheat Gravy: The Best, Simplest Method

What You Need

Leftover gravy

Large spoon or spatula


  1. Spoon the gravy into a skillet. Use a spoon to scoop the gravy into a skillet. This is especially important for gravy that has gelled or has bits of food, like giblets.
  2. Put the skillet on low heat. Place the skillet on the stovetop and turn on to low.
  3. Reheat the gravy slowly, stirring frequently. Reheat the gravy, stirring frequently, until simmering. Use immediately.
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