My Key Lime Pie Is the "Best I've Ever Had", Says Everyone Who Tries ItRecipes
All that’s missing is the ocean breeze.
The 3-Ingredient Brazilian "Mocha Cola" Is Even Better Than DessertRecipes
It only takes three ingredients to level up your iced coffee.
Nutella Puppy Chow Is Everyone’s Favorite Party SnackRecipes
Puppy chow (also known as muddy buddies) is dangerous stuff. I had never even heard of the snack until my friend Beth, an Iowa native, left some at my house after a holiday gathering and I found myself eating handful after handful of the sweet, crunchy, nutty mixture. Why wasn’t there a warning label? It didn’t last the night.
Jul 15, 2024
This Old-Fashioned No-Bake Dessert Is 100x Easier Than Baking a CakeRecipes
I make it every summer.
Jul 13, 2024
Jennifer Garner's Favorite Cobbler Is the Easiest Dessert I've Ever Made Recipes
I’ll be baking it all summer!
Jul 12, 2024
Chocolate Semifreddo Is Cool, Creamy PerfectionRecipes
The Italian dessert might make you forget all about gelato.
Jul 12, 2024
Why I’ll Never Ever Eat a S’more AgainSkills
I have my reasons.
Jul 12, 2024
My Banana Cake Has Everyone Begging for SecondsRecipes
Calling all banana bread lovers.
Jul 11, 2024
No-Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies Taste Like a Reese's CupRecipes
No-bake cookies — the kind made with oats, peanut butter, and chocolate — are a classic dessert and an easier option than homemade cookies from scratch. Mothers and grandmothers around the country regularly make this stovetop cookie, to varying results. I remember at least a few times eating failed no-bake cookies with a spoon because they never fully set. Here’s my secret to better no-bake cookies: Think of the process more like candy-making than cookie baking.
Jul 8, 2024
I Tried the Pioneer Woman’s No-Bake Peanut Butter BarsRecipes
They’re so easy to make!
Jul 6, 2024
The 3-Ingredient Frozen Dessert I’m Making All Summer LongRecipes
When you have a glut of fresh summer fruit, sorbets are the answer. You don’t need a recipe — just a basic template to follow and a little creativity. Strawberry-peach sorbet? Mint-infused watermelon sorbet? Raspberry-rosé sorbet? Yes, let’s make all of these this summer. All you need is chopped fruits, puree it, then add a little simple syrup and lemon juice, chill the base, churn the sorbet, and then freeze it.
Jul 5, 2024
"Frozen S'mores" Are the Coolest Dessert of SummerRecipes
Cooler than the original.
Jul 3, 2024
The Best Ice Cream Makers to Churn Out Homemade TreatsTools
Stay cool all summer long.
Jul 3, 2024
This Lemon Blueberry Cake Is the Most Delicious Dessert for the Fourth of JulyRecipes
Bonus: a zippy lemon frosting!
Jul 2, 2024
The Easy Old-Fashioned Cherry Dessert My Friends Ask Me to Make Every SummerRecipes
It has the fluffiest biscuit topping.
Jun 30, 2024
40 Festive Fourth of July Desserts to Celebrate the DayRecipes
As much as I love all the burgers, grilled hot dogs, and classic BBQ sides, 4th of July simply isn’t complete without an easy dessert. Maybe it’s my sweet tooth or the fact that all the best summer fruit is currently in its prime. I look forward to the festive red, white, and blue sweets, no-bake delights, gooey s’mores, and classic fruit pies. There’s so much to choose from.
Jun 28, 2024
Filipino "Halo-Halo" Is the Most Delicious Way to Beat the HeatRecipes
Ice cream is great and snow cones are good, but for me the ultimate summer dessert is halo-halo. The refreshing, multi-layered, shaved-ice-based Filipino dessert is packed with incredible flavors and textures — icy, creamy, chewy, crunchy, sweet, syrupy. I’ve been lucky to eat halo-halo here in the United States and all over the Philippines and it still thrills me every time.
Jun 28, 2024
I Tried Dolly Parton’s "Dump Cake" Recipe, and I'll Never Make It AgainRecipes
Not every recipe can be a winner.
Jun 28, 2024
4-Ingredient Blueberry “Dump Cake” Is the Zero-Effort Dessert I Make All SummerRecipes
It doesn’t get any better than this.
Jun 27, 2024
I Bring This Ooey-Gooey Honey Bun Cake to Every PotluckRecipes
If you’re a fan of Little Debbie honey buns, you'll love this cake.
Jun 27, 2024
I Guarantee My No-Bake Cherry Pie Delight Will Be Devoured In MinutesRecipes
It takes just 15 minutes to prep.
Jun 26, 2024
My No-Bake "Strawberry Margarita Pie" Is the Boozy Dessert of SummerRecipes
If you love margaritas, this one’s for you.
Jun 26, 2024
My No-Bake “Key Lime Icebox Cake” Is So Good, Everyone Demands the RecipeRecipes
It’s sweet, tart, and so creamy.
Jun 25, 2024
The Old-Fashioned $5 Dessert I Always Have in My Freezer (It’s Been Beloved for Nearly 75 Years!)Groceries
“You’re never more than 15 minutes away from indulging.”
Jun 22, 2024
I Tried the Viral Pillsbury Cinnamon Roll HackRecipes
It’s a game-changer!
Jun 22, 2024
"Creamy Limoncello Bars" Are the Boozy Dessert of SummerRecipes
Lemon bars could never.
Jun 21, 2024
My Peanut Butter Cup Rice Krispies Treats Taste Even Better than a Reese’sRecipes
“I already want to make another batch.”
Jun 21, 2024
Cookies and Cream Mousse Is the No-Bake Dessert I’m Making All SummerRecipes
You only need six ingredients.
Jun 20, 2024
After Years of Tinkering, I Finally Perfected My Hawaiian Butter Mochi RecipeRecipes
Butter mochi is a staple at almost any party in Hawai‘i, and it’s easy to see why. The coconut custard glutinous rice cake is perfectly chewy, slightly sticky, and just dense enough, with a hint of vanilla and salt. Growing up Japanese-American, or hapa, in Hawai‘i, I’ve had my fair share of butter mochi.
Jun 20, 2024
Cherry Pie Mini Cheesecakes Have the Most Brilliant (Store-Bought!) SurpriseRecipes
You don’t even have to make a crust or topping.
Jun 18, 2024
This Over-the-Sink Drying Rack Will Instantly Declutter Your Countertop Tools
Say goodbye to a messy kitchen.
Jun 14, 2024
This Old-Fashioned Banana Cream Pie Is So Good, I've Made It 5 Weeks in a RowRecipes
The humble banana gets the spotlight.
Jun 14, 2024
The "Island Delight Cake" My Aunt Annette Has Been Making for 35 YearsRecipes
It’s the “perfect” dessert for summer!
Jun 13, 2024
I Tried Dolly Parton’s Legendary 3-Ingredient "Fruit Cocktail Cake"Recipes
Have you heard of the “Cuppa Cuppa Cuppa” cake?
Jun 12, 2024
My No-Bake "Chocolate Chip Delight" Tastes Better Than Freshly Baked CookiesRecipes
Five layers of buttery, brown-sugar, chocolate chip cookie delight.
Jun 12, 2024
6 Ridiculously Easy Poke Cake RecipesRecipes
True to their name, poke cakes are sheet cakes that are baked, then (you guessed it!) poked, then filled with a liquid or syrup to add extra flavor and moisture into each bite. These no-fuss cakes (like dump cakes) are one of oldest baking hacks in the book. If you love retro recipes like icebox cake and pineapple upside-down cake, give poke cakes a try. These crowd-pleasing desserts are perfect for potlucks, parties, and gatherings.
Jun 7, 2024
Gelato vs Ice Cream: What's The Difference?Skills
There are no wrong choices between these two summer treats.
Jun 7, 2024
These Filipino Coconut Bars Will Make You Famous Among Your FriendsRecipes
They’re like lemon bars — but so much better.
May 30, 2024
Reese's New Frozen Dessert Tastes Just Like the Classic Peanut Butter CupGroceries
Chocolate and peanut butter perfection.
May 30, 2024
These Gooey “Neiman Marcus” Bars Are Guaranteed to Be Devoured Recipes
They’re always the first to disappear at parties.
May 29, 2024
These No-Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars Taste Even Better Than a Reese’s CupRecipes
Five layers of chocolate-peanut butter perfection.
May 22, 2024
No-Bake "Coconut Delight" Will Have Everyone Fighting for SecondsRecipes
It takes just 20 minutes to prep.
May 21, 2024
I've Made Dozens of Brownies, but These Are the BEST OnesRecipes
They’re decadent and deeply chocolaty.
May 19, 2024
I Made Kris Jenner’s Famous 5-Ingredient Lemon CakeRecipes
We love an easy recipe!
May 17, 2024
My Old-School Secret to the Best Lemon Bars of Your LifeRecipes
Everything you love about lemon bars … but better.
May 15, 2024
This Beloved Ingredient Is the Secret to My No-Bake Cheesecake BarsRecipes
Creamy, fluffy, and delightfully airy cheesecake bars get a nice, earthy ube update.
May 12, 2024
Joanna Gaines’ Chocolate Chip Cookies Are My Family’s FavoriteRecipes
My dad has an intense sweet tooth, just like me. One afternoon when I was around 10 years old, Dad got a hankering and he enlisted me to help him make Toll House chocolate chip cookies. That was the first time he and I had ever baked together. Since then, whenever I make chocolate chip cookies, including the ones from this recipe, I think of him and that special afternoon we spent together in the kitchen. I developed this recipe over the years.
May 10, 2024
My Old-Fashioned Rhubarb Pie Is the Perfect Spring DessertRecipes
Even though I’ve always loved the idea of rhubarb pie, I’ve steered clear of it for years, assuming it was too fussy and difficult to get right. But this spring I was determined to find an easy, foolproof way to enjoy my spring haul of rhubarb in pie form. The answer is this double-crust pie, which looks like a showstopper but couldn’t be easier to make.
May 10, 2024
This Is the Only Bundt Cake Recipe You’ll Ever NeedRecipes
Plus, a foolproof technique to make sure it slides right out of the pan.
May 8, 2024
My Light & Creamy Berry Tiramisu Is Inspired by the Famous "Chantilly Cake"Recipes
It’s light, but still berry decadent.
May 2, 2024
My Sour Cream "Birthday Bars" Are So Melt-in-Your-Mouth DeliciousRecipes
They’re soft, tangy, and oh-so tender.
Apr 30, 2024
The Only Chocolate Cake I’ll Ever Make for My Daughter’s Birthday Recipes
Chocolate + peanut butter forever.
Apr 27, 2024
I Tried Victoria Beckham’s "Favorite" BrowniesRecipes
They’re so good!
Apr 26, 2024