21 Delicious Thanksgiving Stuffing Recipes for the Big Meal

updated Nov 15, 2023
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It’s stuffing season! I’ve said it before and I’ll eagerly say it again every November: Stuffing is the real star of the Thanksgiving table. (At least in my house!) Whether I’m cooking a turkey, serving honey-glazed ham, or making something entirely different, my holiday dinner is not complete without a casserole dish piled high with stuffing (that’s been baked so it’s crispy on the outside and soft and tender through the center).

The only difficult part is deciding what kind of stuffing recipe to serve. There are a ton of options when it comes to stuffing — from golden-brown classics with lots of fresh herbs, to more modern takes that swap in cornbread or smart supermarket shortcuts. To help you figure out what to put on the table this year, we’ve rounded up 18 of our all-time favorite stuffing recipes below.

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Classic Sage Stuffing for Thanksgiving
Like the boxed stuff, but so much better. Here's a step-by-step recipe that shows how to get the taste you crave on Thanksgiving and beyond.
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Vegan Stuffing
This plant-based stuffing recipe - brimming with with buttery, bread, and herb stuffing flavor - might be vegan, but much in the spirit of Thanksgiving, it deliciously cater to the dietary preferences of everyone at the table.
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Gluten-Free Stuffing
Gluten-free stuffing has nearly the same DNA as traditional stuffing: onions, celery, butter, fresh herbs, broth, eggs. Only here, we use gluten-free sandwich bread instead of wheat bread.
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Easy 5-Ingredient Stuffing
This five-ingredient recipe results in the classic, nostalgic stuffing you crave — one step up from the boxed stuff, but just as easy to make.
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Sausage and Apple Stuffing
This sourdough bread stuffing is packed with sausage, apples, fennel, aromatics, and herbs.
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Slow Cooker Stuffing
This set-it-and-forget-it stuffing requires just a little room on the counter and a few hours. And what you get in return is a classic stuffing filled with homey flavors, and plenty of crispy, toasty edges.
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Classic Corn Bread Dressing
You won't find an ounce of added sugar in this classic cornbread dressing! This cornbread dressing tastes of corn, butter, and a little tang from buttermilk.
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Sausage and Herb Stuffing
Savory sausage, toasted sourdough bread, and fresh herbs make this stuffing is the best part of the holiday meal.
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Stovetop Thanksgiving Stuffing
This stovetop number — reminiscent of the classic boxed brand — is the recipe to turn to if you don't have enough space in the oven.
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Canadian-Syrian Thanksgiving Stuffing
Use bharat — a classic Middle Eastern spice blend with allspice, black pepper, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, cardamom, and cloves — in place of your usual herbs to give your classic stuffing a warm, spiced twist.
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Sicilian Meatball Stuffing
With two types of ground meat, golden raisins, and pine nuts, this hearty stuffing really brings the flavor to the table.
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Wild Mushroom Stuffing
This subtle twist on the classic is guaranteed to please both the stuffing purists and those pulling for something a little more adventurous.
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Cuban Meaty Potato Stuffing
Sofrito, picadillo, and seasoned chunky potatoes join forces for a truly memorable stuffing.
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Easy Keto Stuffing
For this keto-friendly recipe, use more sausage than keto bread, which allows you to manage those macros and make this a satiating side.
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Everything Bagel Stuffing
Be the Friendsgiving hero who brings everything bagel stuffing to the table this year. Swap the classic bread cubes for chopped-up everything bagels and you will not regret it.
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Gluten-Free Cornbread and Mushroom Stuffing
Whether you’re gluten-free or not, this mix of cornbread, mushrooms, and roasted pecans is always a hit with everyone.
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Thanksgiving Stuffing Strata

Bake this post-Thanksgiving stuffing into a breakfast strata, complete with crunchy toasted corners and sunny eggs cracked right on top.

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How to Make Easy Thanksgiving Stuffing
Learn how to make an easy stuffing (dressing) for Thanksgiving with this step-by-step guide.
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Oyster Dressing
Oyster dressing is a Southern-style side with briny Gulf oysters, savory mushrooms, and crusty bread.
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Southern-Style Cornbread Dressing

With two sticks of butter, five cups of chicken stock, and five eggs, this is the moistest, most delicious cornbread dressing you’ll ever taste.

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Nannie June's Cornbread Dressing

This is a fluffy, crumbly dressing made with a simple homemade cornbread. The buttermilk-y flavor pairs perfectly with the savory broth, buttery vegetables, and herbs.

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