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Kitchn Love Letters
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Every BTS ramen moment goes viral among their fans, and most recently on Weverse (a K-pop online artist-to-fan community app), member Jung Kook shared a recipe for what he called “Bulguri.”
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Grilled Salmon Becomes Next-Level Flavorful with This Herbaceous Compound ButterSponsored
With spring temperatures and sunshine finally taking hold, it’s the perfect time to break out the grill and cook a meal outdoors. So seize the day and grill salmon with an easy lemon and dill compound butter that’s fresh, bright, and extra flavorful. After the compound butter cools in the fridge for an hour, the meal comes together in minutes!
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This Potato Leek Gratin Is Easy, Filling, and the Perfect Side Dish for SpringSponsored
Leeks and potatoes may seem like simple, humble ingredients; pair them together and they turn into something magically delicious. So when you need an easy crowd-pleaser for any of the season’s festive gatherings, you know this combo will be a winner. This satisfying casserole starts by baking sweet leeks and creamy potatoes in an herby, creamy sauce made with high-quality dairy products and fresh herbs.
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