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What’s the Difference? Ale vs. Lager BeersSkills
While almost all beers are made from the same base ingredients, they aren't all the same. Here's what you need to know about the differences between these two classic beer styles.
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5-Ingredient Beer Bread Is the Perfect Intro to Bread Baking (No Yeast Needed!)Recipes
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Recipe: Chunky Pork and Apple StewRecipes
When the temperature drops in January, what we really want is food that fills us up and nourishes at the same time. So start your day with a hearty smoothie, but finish it with a wholesome stew. This is one of a series of stews designed to make you feel good in every possible way. Brimming with veggies and spices, each of these wholesome stews will support and reward your best New Year’s intentions.
Jan 29, 2020
The Very Best Way to (Quickly!) Chill Wine and Beer
There's almost no waiting and ZERO need for special equipment.
Dec 7, 2019
How To Chill Drinks Fast (& Keep Them Cold) This WeekendSkills
Keep these easy hacks in mind all summer long.
May 17, 2019
Recipe: Steak with Drunken Mushrooms & Roasted Blue Cheese PotatoesRecipes
The lure of steak is simply irresistible. Add in beer-soaked mushrooms, caramelized onions, and some fingerling potatoes roasted with blue cheese, and you’ll have every neighbor within 300 feet of your front door standing in your kitchen. So lock ’em out, or welcome them in — either way, this 30-minute meal will knock the socks off your local steakhouse. I love to indulge in a great cut of meat and a few rich flavors to go with it.
May 2, 2019
Recipe: German Beer and Cheese Soup (Bierkäsesuppe)Recipes
Around the World in 30 Soups: This month we’re collaborating with chefs, cookbook authors, and our own Kitchn crew to share a globetrotting adventure in soups from countries and cuisines around the world. Today’s stop: Germany. Chef power couple Jeremy and Jessica Nolen, authors of New German Cooking, offer up a crowd favorite from their restaurant that ties together the German soup traditions we crave the most: beer, cheese, and bread. All in one bowl!
Feb 26, 2019
Recipe: Easy MicheladaRecipes
It's the perfect thing to drink alongside your favorite game-day apps.
Jan 28, 2019
Recipe: Slow Cooker Beer-Braised BrisketRecipes
Everyone loves brisket, a Texas staple. Texans — Tejanos — are especially obsessed. My beer-braised brisket is fork-tender, perfect for a crowd, and requires no babysitting. Place it in the slow cooker and go about your day. Your family will love it, and football fans will adore it! Using beer as the braising liquid immediately adds flavor to the meat — meaning you can get away with fewer ingredients total.
Jul 20, 2018
7 More Amazon Prime Day Deals That Just Went Live This MorningTools
Morning! Hope you had a good night’s sleep! While you were catching some much-deserved shut-eye, a bunch of new sales began for Amazon Prime Day. Here’s a look at five of the newest sales we’re most excited about. It’s no secret that we’re big fans of plants in the kitchen — especially an aloe plant, which you can use on the spot in the event of a burn.
Jul 17, 2018
Michelada: a Mexican Cocktail That Combines the Tang of Bloody Marys With Your Favorite BeerRecipes
For when you need something fresh, festive, and fast.
Feb 3, 2018
Salsa Is Your Grocery Store Shortcut for Fresh Beer CocktailsKitchen
America’s biggest party — the Super Bowl — is about to go down. That means putting together an epic menu of wings, nachos, chili, pizza, chips and salsa and, of course, cold beer. But what if you switched things up and did something even more epic for the adventurous fans in the room — like put salsa in your beer to make big, bold beer cocktails? Hear me out! Did you know salsa and beer are among the top foods purchased in the week leading up to the Super Bowl?
Feb 2, 2018
Recipe: Avolada Beer CocktailRecipes
Think of this as a green version of a traditional tomato-based Michelada, made with avocado tomatillo salsa and served in a pitcher with chilled beer mugs rimmed with salted coriander. It’s especially refreshing when served with crispy tortilla or corn chips. The best salsas for beer cocktails are the small-batch kind found in the grab- and-go refrigerated cases in the deli section of the grocery store.
Feb 2, 2018
Recipe: Zesty Mango-Peach ShandyRecipes
This light yet complex fruit shandy made with mango peach salsa, a bit of sugar, and freshly squeezed lemon will have you thinking twice about what beer can do in a cocktail. Serve this number with fresh wedges of mango and chili powder to up the heat! The best salsas for beer cocktails are the small-batch kind found in the grab- and-go refrigerated cases in the deli section of the grocery store.
Feb 2, 2018
Forget to Get Someone a Holiday Gift? Send Her This Glassware Set.Kitchen
It’s inevitable: Someone is going to give you a gift this weekend. Someone you weren’t expecting to get anything from. And you’ll have nothing to give her in return! You could run out to the nearest drugstore and pick up a generic gift card and a candy cane-shaped box of candy to get something super ho-hum right away, or you order this Craft Brew Drinkware Set now, just in case, to have in hand by Tuesday. Libbey Craft Brew Drinkware Set, $20 Here’s what she’ll get.
Dec 22, 2017
Do Yourself a Favor This Year and Just Buy the KegKitchen
I’ve hosted my family’s Thanksgiving for the last few years, and each year I use a secret weapon that makes our gatherings of about a dozen people more fun, more festive, and slightly less stressful for me as a host. It isn’t a turkey-basting hack, or a killer mise en place game, or a Martha Stewart doppelganger helping me carefully garnish each salad. It is, simply, a keg full of beer. The keg has been a game-changer for entertaining.
Nov 15, 2017
Recipe: Slow Cooker Sausages with Peppers and OnionsRecipes
When I think of my travels in Germany, I think of beers, brats, and mustard, and it’s still that satisfying trinity that I crave when the weather starts to cool down. Throwing everything into a slow cooker means I can come back to tender sausages that have been gently braising in beer, with a pile of sweet peppers and onions coated in grainy mustard right on top.
Sep 14, 2017
Oxbow Beer Brewer Tim Adams Shares His Favorite Summer BeerPeople
When it comes to summer drinking, the key is to find a beverage that’s cold, refreshing, and not too alcoholic. Wine spritzers are always a favorite, but this year we’re stockpiling farmhouse beers. What’s farmhouse beer, you might ask? We’re so glad you did. Farmhouse beers originally hail from France and Belgium, where they were made with leftover crops and natural yeast in the winter and then enjoyed by farm workers in the summer.
Jul 19, 2017
We Stocked Our Own Wedding Bar — Here’s What We LearnedKitchen
When my now-husband and I were planning our wedding, we had two big goals: save as much money as possible, and still throw a kick-ass party that didn’t feel cheap or chintzy. (So original, right?) With those things in mind, we decided early on what was worth splurging on (like the food and the reception space) and what wasn’t (like paying someone else to stock our bar).
Jun 5, 2017
The Best Part of Strawberry Season May Be This Louisiana BeerSkills
My sister went to college at Tulane University in New Orleans. Each summer she’d come home bragging about the Ponchatoula Strawberry Festival, a weekend-long, mystical-sounding party of music, games, rides, and, of course, strawberries. I was always envious of this celebration, but on the plus side I have her to thank for learning about what is now one of my very favorite parts of strawberry season: strawberry beer, specifically Abita Strawberry Harvest Lager.
Jun 1, 2017
3 Tips for Cooking and Baking with AlcoholSkills
When you are a self-professed booze-hound and a baker at heart, it is almost too easy to incorporate flavorful alcohol into everything from weeknight dinners to luscious birthday cakes. Honestly, though, I’ve made more than a few mistakes along the way when trying to add the smoky sweetness of bourbon to dinner or the dry sweetness of Champagne into cake.
Apr 27, 2017
5 Reasons to Feel Good About Drinking Guinness TodayPeople
Today is St. Patrick’s Day, which means it is also a day when many pints of Guinness will be consumed. And when we say many, we mean roughly 13 million pints over the course of 24 hours. Clearly no excuse is needed to drink a pint of Guinness today of all days, but there are, in fact, many reasons to feel good about raising a glass of the dark-and-creamy stout in honor of the Patron Saint of Ireland. Here are five.
Mar 17, 2017
This Beer-Themed Hotel Will Have Hot Tubs Filled with IPAPeople
Beer enthusiasts who have dreamed of a safe haven where they can relish and bathe in beer now have a destination to visit: Columbus, Ohio. Yes, Ohio’s capital will soon be home to a craft beer-themed hotel called DogHouse. Forget Disneyland — you need to come here instead. Slated to open its doors at the end of 2018, the craft beer hotel will offer its customers some truly unique experiences.
Mar 7, 2017
Watch These Students Drink Beer from a 5,000-Year-Old Chinese RecipePeople
Most college students enjoy cheap Budweiser — after turning 21, of course — but students at Stanford University have decided to think beyond the status quo and make their own using a 5,000-year-old recipe. The beer was made under the guidance of Li Liu, a professor in Chinese archaeology at Stanford, as part of the final project for the course Archaeology of Food: Production, Consumption, and Ritual.
Feb 21, 2017
5 Reasons You Should Drink Beer with Your SteakSkills
Maybe it’s the rising popularity of craft beer, the fact that my partner is an aspiring hops farmer and brewer, or the simple truth that I am a broke millennial, but when it comes time to chose, I always pick beer over wine. I even (gasp!) think you should leave the wine corked and drink beer instead with your steak dinners.
Feb 2, 2017
If You Like Oreos, You Have to Try This New Boozy DrinkPeople
Dunking Oreos in milk is a time-honored tradition, but how about dunking Oreos in beer? Sounds so weird that it might just work, right? Well, cookies and milk just grew up: Virginia-based brewery The Veil Brewing Company has created an Oreo-flavored beer, reports Marie Claire. The company’s Instagram account relays the whole delicious story of “conditioning their 7% Hornswoggler chocolate milk stout with hundreds of pounds of Oreo cookies.
Jan 27, 2017
Should You Just Get a Keg?Kitchen
Maybe! If you’re throwing a Super Bowl party, the answer, of course, depends on a few things: how many people you’re planning to invite, how long you’re willing to have them at your house, and how much your friends drink. This should help. A keg in the U.S. is half a barrel, which is 15.5 gallons of beer — approximately equal to 165 12-ounce bottles of beer. So, if you’re having a party with 40 people, everyone gets around four drinks.
Jan 27, 2017
5 Reasons the Beer Can Totally Crushes the Beer BottleGroceries
We’ve all been there, whether at a housewarming, engagement brunch, or Super Bowl party: You open the fridge to see a phalanx of beer bottles on one shelf, and then a stack of beer cans on another. Assuming, for the purposes of this exercise, that the cans and bottles are the same brand — which do you choose? Based on the following five reasons, I say you should, without hesitation, reach for an icy-cold … can. Here’s why.
Jan 25, 2017
Beer Might Be Brewed on the Moon This Year — Here’s WhyPeople
The brewing conditions of beer impact taste, so it goes without saying that beer brewed on the moon will, quite literally, be out of this world. And while a batch of beer has yet to be made on the moon, things could change if a group of engineering students from UC San Diego have their way. As part of a competition, students from UCSD’s Jacobs School of Engineering have created a unique contraption: a vessel that will brew beer on the moon.
Jan 23, 2017
This Beer Is Made Specifically for Drinking in the ShowerPeople
Turning cocktail hour into a cocktail shower is one of life’s most rewarding gifts. And it’s obviously a very popular thing to do: The term “showerbeer” is tagged in over 31,000 Instagram posts. So, what’s your beer of choice for the special occasion? There’s a new beer — specifically designed for your shower — that you need to consider.
Jan 6, 2017
10 Gifts for Your Friend the BartenderKitchen
We all have that friend — the one who basically invented a signature drink for your group. Help her up her game with these great gifts.
Dec 14, 2016
Count Down to Christmas with a Beer Advent CalendarPeople
Advent calendars might just be the only way kids make it through the agonizing wait for Christmas. After all, a little morning chocolate or toy goes a long way towards keeping kids happy. In the same vein, a little mid-week boozy brunch or dinner keeps most adults pretty happy, no matter how many times well-meaning relatives ask, “What do you mean you don’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend?” Beer advent calendars are downright necessary during the holiday season.
Nov 29, 2016
Budweiser Rings in the Holidays with Limited-Edition PackagingPeople
Starbucks gets all the glory when it comes to its red holiday cups, but there’s another beverage in town that also deserves a little more seasonal recognition. To ring in the 140th year of selling to the American public during the holiday season, Anheuser-Busch’s Budweiser has unveiled brand new, limited edition seasonal packaging — just in time for the start of 2016 Christmas festivities. Inspired by the tradition of decorating the 12 U.S.
Nov 28, 2016
A Pumpkin Beer Float for Right NowSkills
If there was ever a time to put a seasonal, boo-zy spin on the beloved ice cream float, it is right now. Grab your favorite pumpkin beer along with some ice cream, and consider this your invitation to skip the PSL in favor of something a bit more festive. If you love beer and ice cream separately, but the thought of them together leaves you slightly skeptical, let me reassure you that not only does this duo work, but it’s also an exquisitely delicious treat.
Oct 28, 2016
What Do Brits Know About German Beer?People
It’s that time of year: the nights are getting darker earlier, the temperatures are dropping, and Oktoberfest is happening at a bar near you. On one such recent evening, I was joined at a German-themed bar, Loreley, in New York’s Lower East Side, by Alex Gallafent, a British friend (whose latest one-man show, The Dilletante, will be performed on November 20 at the PIT Loft in New York).
Oct 27, 2016
3 Tips for Better Cooking with BeerSkills
The fizzy bite of beer makes it a useful ingredient in your cooking. We love bringing it to our favorite dishes in fall and winter, but we keep a few key tips in mind to get the most out of its flavor. Here’s what you need to know for better cooking with beer. When using beer in marinades, brines, vinaigrettes, and even lightly cooked dips, be sure to balance beer’s bite to avoid it overwhelming the recipe.
Oct 18, 2016
Does Wearing Lederhosen Make Drinking Beer More Fun?People
We looked to Instagram to find out.
Oct 17, 2016
A Guide to Drinking with Spicy Foods: BeerSkills
Of all the alcoholic beverage options out there, beer is probably the best at quelling the heat and quenching chile-induced thirst. For starters, beer tends to be fairly low alcohol — five to seven percent ABV compared to 10 to 15 percent for wine and 40 percent for spirits. Carbonation also helps remove the fiery heat of capsaicin from the palate. But not all beers are created equal — just like not all spicy foods are created equal.
Aug 25, 2016
Why a Beer Stein Belongs in Your Camping GearPeople
Okay, I know what you’re thinking: You want me to carry heavy stone jugs with me when I camp? Hauling beer steins when you have to hike for miles to a campsite may prove to be an additional challenge you don’t want to conquer, but if you’re only walking a short distance to a campsite or if you’re car camping (or picnicking or eating al fresco in your backyard — you get the idea), you may want to consider bringing a few of these go-to German souvenirs along.
Jul 14, 2016
Beyond Budweiser: 7 Beers of SummerSkills
There’s something supremely satisfying about an ice-cold brew on a hot summer day. It’s crisp, refreshing, and lower in alcohol than most wines and cocktails, which means you can indulge in a midday pint without succumbing to a midday nap immediately after (unless you want to). While you can, of course, drink whatever you like, there are certain brews that are best-suited for the season.
Jul 7, 2016
This Edible Beer Packaging Could Help Save Marine LifePeople
I remember watching a VHS tape about ocean conservancy in elementary school. The shades were drawn, the lights were dimmed, and my tiny little brain was assaulted with images of helpless sea creatures in various states of pollution-induced despair. The stand-out culprit? Plastic six-pack holders. We were taught to clip the rings before tossing the evil devices into the trash, and then to pat ourselves on the back for doing our part to save the oceans.
May 20, 2016
Drink Your Beer and Eat It Too with This Bacon-Cheese DipRecipes
It’s National Beer Day! Celebrate accordingly by picking up a six-pack, inviting a few friends over, and snacking on this cheesy bacon-beer dip. This dip is super versatile; you have the option of baking it in the oven or heating it in a slow cooker. Both methods have their merits, but I can see the slow cooker being particularly useful if you have to transport the dip to a potluck or game-day gathering. I also love how unapologetically decadent this dip is.
Apr 7, 2016
World’s Greatest Internship Pays $12,000 to Travel World and Drink BeerPeople
This isn’t a joke. Three lucky folks are about to have the summer of their lives — and one of them could be you! Tampa’s World of Beer is hiring three interns to — again, I’m not kidding — travel the world, drink beer, and report back on the experience. And the $12,000 payment? That’s on top of travel and lodging expenses, all of which World of Beer will cover.
Mar 17, 2016
This Is How I’m Drinking Less AlcoholPeople
It’s been a month since I decided to cut back my alcohol intake, and I owe you an update. Unlike those around me, who were eliminating alcohol completely for Dry January, my strategy was less rigid. The plan was to consider each opportunity to imbibe and make a conscious decision as to whether or not I truly wanted a drink. Not surprisingly, my “make a decision in the moment” approach wasn’t as measurable — or as effective.
Feb 11, 2016
3 Clever Bottle Openers That Make Great GiftsKitchen
The gifting season is behind us, but it’s always smart to have something on hand. After all, who knows when you’ll be invited to a last-minute housewarming party or potluck dinner! I always think interesting bottle openers make a wonderful and inexpensive gift for these occasions. Here are three design-forward options that are particularly chic. This solid brass bottle opener reminds me of a napkin ring or a ferris wheel of some sort.
Jan 21, 2016
What’s Your Best Advice for Drinking Less (Without Losing Your Social Life)?People
It’s a new year, and while it feels like winter just hit the Midwest, I have a fear. At some point, poncho season will end. No longer will I get away with a shapeless cape and sweatpants (I mean, um, leggings) to cover that holiday weight. I’m not much of a dieter (I love food too much), and I tried the gym thing last year, but we all know what happened there. The solution? Cut back on booze. I’ve seen the results.
Jan 14, 2016
Guinness Goes Vegan and World Is Shocked to Learn It Wasn’t AlreadyPeople
In my opinion, the interesting news from last week wasn’t so much the announcement that Guinness will soon be vegan, but all the reactions I saw on Facebook and Twitter from people surprised to learn that it wasn’t vegan already. Just what has been lurking in your black pint of Guinness all these years? Don’t worry — Guinness hasn’t been slipping beef steaks into their secret formula.
Nov 10, 2015
This Chart Will Help You Choose the Best Beer to Pair with Your Halloween CandyPeople
Let’s get one thing straight: As adults, we might be too old to go trick-or-treating, but we’ll never be too old to eat Halloween candy. And the one advantage we have over kids on Halloween? We get to drink something far more exciting than milk with our treat stash — we can crack a cold one and go to town. Use our handy infographic to find the perfect beer to drink with your favorite candy!
Oct 26, 2015
Move Over, Stout! Guinness Is Brewing an IPA.People
The rise in craft breweries has put a damper on Guinness’s profits over the past few years. To counteract that trend, the Irish company has started branching out beyond their classic stout to appeal to a wider range of beer drinkers. In addition to the Guinness Blonde Lager that hit store shelves last year, Guinness is adding a hop-forward IPA to their portfolio.
Sep 21, 2015
Shacksbury’s Traditional Ciders Are the Perfect Drink for FallGroceries
When it comes to fall sipping, for me, hard cider wins out big-time. Classic, Old World-style cider is dry, not too sweet, and marvelous with all sorts of food. Emma, one of our editors, has been pointing the way to a young company in Shoreham, Vermont, that is making this old-fashioned beverage in fresh ways.
Aug 28, 2015
What’s the Difference Between Ginger Ale and Ginger Beer?Skills
I’m a big fan of ginger drinks, especially since I love that fiery, spicy kick ginger adds. My refrigerator always contains ginger ale or ginger beer. But what is the difference between the two? And is ginger beer actually beer (and therefore alcoholic)? Ginger beer was originally an alcoholic brew made from fermenting ginger, sugar, and water, although most commercial ginger beers nowadays are non-alcoholic. Ginger ale is a non-alcoholic, sweetened, ginger-flavored soft drink.
Aug 27, 2015
Recipe: Skillet Beef & Ale PieRecipes
With a luscious ale gravy and a hearty filling of beef and vegetables, it’s no wonder this pie is well-loved by my friends and me. This is comfort food at its finest — a dish that’s easy to assemble and can feed one for days, or a whole crowd for the evening. While eating meat on a student budget can be difficult, pies work wonders at stretching that package of beef into a satisfying meal for six.
Aug 21, 2015
11 Common Items You Didn’t Know Could Open a Beer BottleTools
There are few things worse than being stuck at a barbecue or picnic with bottles that require an opener and no opener in sight. Luckily, you can MacGyver almost anything into a bottle opener. Buzzfeed recently shared a video showing how 11 items you might find in your purse can be used to open that brew. Everything from chapstick to nail files to your vitamin bottle can help you out in a pinch. Our favorite? The eyelash curler. Finally, a way we’ll actually use it!
Aug 11, 2015