The Best Non-Alcoholic Beer, Wine, and Spirits for Sipping and Celebrating

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Non-alcoholic drink options have come a long way from Shirley Temples and Diet Cokes. Many bars and restaurants dedicate sections of their menus to mocktails and non-alcoholic beer and wine, and the amount of new NA brands that have come out in the last few years alone is telling: Alcohol-free drinks are here to stay, and they definitely deserve a spot in your kitchen.

While you have a lot of non-alcoholic spirits, wines, and beers to choose from, knowing which brands are the tastiest is not always clear. So, whether you’re planning to add some NA options to the menu at your next party or just want to see what the hype is all about, check out our complete roundup to find the best varieties of non-alcoholic drinks. We picked only highly-rated products and drinks we’ve enjoyed ourselves, so everything here is worth exploring. And, after you give one of these refreshing beverages a taste, don’t be surprised if it becomes your new favorite drink to pair with a relaxing evening.

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Ritual Zero Proof

Margaritas and palomas are some of the most delightful summer drinks, and this non-alcoholic tequila lets you enjoy them without the buzz or hangover. Its bright and smoky flavor profile tastes great as a stand-in for a simple tequila soda or ranch water, too.

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Picking the right canned cocktail or mocktail has become more difficult as shelves have been flooded with options, so we recommend trying this refreshingly bitter mocktail made with non-alcoholic Ghia aperitivo. With the flavors of lime and sea salt, this drink has distinctly warm-weather vibes.

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Studio Null

If you're worried about non-alcoholic wines tasting too sweet, then you're going to love this NA Grüner Weiss. It's a dry white wine that has a pleasant amount of acidity, and our senior commerce editor Ian calls it "a super versatile white" that is "just as good for sipping poolside as I imagine it'll be next to a braised pork shoulder this winter."

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This non-alcoholic whiskey does a spectacular job of capturing the full-bodied aroma of regular whiskey, so you can easily use it to turn classic cocktails into delicious mocktails. It's especially nice in an old fashioned or whiskey sour.

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Full of rich spices and fruit-forward flavors of pineapple, coconut, and lime, this non-alcoholic rum is ideal for mixing up a mock piña colada, a daiquiri, or a dark 'n' stormy. It's also a great way to spruce up punch for a party.

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Make all the mock Tom Collins and mock gin and tonics you want with this non-alcoholic gin alternative. It's distilled with real juniper berries to give it a lovely herbal taste just like regular gin, and has the citrus and floral notes you would expect from any high-quality gin.

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Our contributor Lauren found this non-alcoholic aperitif to be a great way to enjoy a booze-free month without sacrificing something delicious to drink. This bittersweet concoction is similar to the Aperol used in Aperol spritzes, so it's best enjoyed by mixing with sparkling water, tonic water, or kombucha.

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Studio Null

Change up your weeknight dinner pairing with one of these non-alcoholic wines, which are available in white, red, and sparkling rosé varieties. Our senior commerce editor Ian wrote that he especially loved the white NA wine — a blanc burgunder — and found them all to be great additions to drink offerings at get-togethers.

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When you need a simple and easy-going non-alcoholic drink option, this 0-percent Stella Artois beer is the right choice. It's the kind of crisp and refreshing beverage that will be a crowd-pleaser at your next summertime BBQ (or really any get-together).

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This mixed pack of non-alcoholic beer is a smart way to enjoy the hoppy and floral aromas of the real stuff. It includes a hazy IPA that tastes wonderfully juicy, and a less-hoppy golden ale with herbal notes.

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was $12.76

Our senior commerce editor Ian called this sparkling juice his "new favorite booze-free beverage" for the summer because its fruit flavors are more complex and interesting than an ordinary juice or soda. Each option in this variety pack has yuzu as a base flavor, which tastes lemony and grapefruit-y, and none of them are overly sweet.