This Unique $6 Drinking Glass Is My Favorite Kitchen Purchase and I Use It Every Single Day

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Libbey Classic Can Drinking Glassware Set Wayfair
Credit: Wayfair

The first time I saw one of these can-shaped glasses was at a restaurant where they used it to serve beer. I remember thinking, Huh, that’s silly. A glass made just for cans of beer. Then I saw them again in ads for bubble tea cafes, and while I wasn’t sold yet, I started to accept their greater potential. Finally, while shopping for some inexpensive bowls to replace the ones I’d recently broken, I came across these glasses again and realized I needed them in my life. Since buying some, they’ve gone from kitschy accessories to my absolute favorite drinking glasses.

I would love to share the exact glasses I bought, but they’re constantly out of stock. Thankfully, these are identical and are available to ship right away. You can use this drinkware set to spruce up your daily water glass, give your evening drinks a properly sized vessel, and — like I do — enjoy iced coffee and iced tea in something that’s so much more fun than standard cups or glasses. At $25 for a set of four, these are also a totally affordable upgrade (or housewarming gift).

What is the Libbey Classic Can Drinking Glass

Each of these cups is made of durable, chip-proof glass and can hold up to a pint (or 16 ounces of liquid). That gives you enough room to pour in an entire 12-ounce can of soda, sparkling water, or beer, and leaves space at the top for foam to rise and settle without spilling over. The glasses come in a set of four and are safe to put in both the dishwasher and the freezer, in case you like to make sure your cold drinks are extra chilled. Their can shape tapers nicely at the top and bottom and makes them stand out as stylish everyday glasses for water, tea, or anything you want to sip on.

Credit: Nic Dobija-Nootens

Why I Love the Libbey Classic Can Drinking Glass

I take my iced coffee in one of these glasses every single morning, partly because I’m just enamored with the way the glasses look, and partly because I like that they give me extra headroom to put in plenty of ice cubes. Whenever I have company over, these are the glasses I make sure to have clean so my friends can enjoy their unexpected design style.

Credit: Nic Dobija-Nootens

For whatever reason, my wife was not initially into these glasses. She even asked me not to buy them at first, so I waited a while until suggesting them again. She agreed, perhaps a little reluctantly, but now they’re her favorite drinking glasses, too. Was I surprised? Not entirely. But this is the first time we’ve both been this excited over a simple piece of drinkware — and I bet you’ll love them, too.