Does Wearing Lederhosen Make Drinking Beer More Fun?

updated May 24, 2019
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Pop into any Oktoberfest celebration and you’re likely to encounter oceans of men dressed in lederhosen. Some fellas wear these Old World-style leather shorts with suspenders to pay homage to their Bavarian roots. Originally worn by the Bavarian working class and men in the Alpine region engaging in outdoor activities like hunting and riding, lederhosen are associated with brawn and strength, like kilts in Scotland or cowboy hats in the States.

Others wear lederhosen because, well, they’re awesome. In fact, we’re pretty sure wearing these traditional knickers makes drinking beer more fun. To be sure, we looked to Instagram to find out.

Raising your stein of beer is one thing. But raising your stein while in a crowd wearing lederhosen? That’s off-the-charts fun!

Lederhosen and matching checkered shirts seems to inspire an impressive ability to stack things.

Look at this exuberance! He’s having so much fun in his getup. It’s infectious.

This guy should be the poster boy for drinking beer in lederhosen. It’s like he’s imploring us to join him in the fun, saying, “C’mon! Just have one. Be a good sport.”

These two are having such an awesome time drinking their beers that they’ve mounted other festival-goers. That’s another check in the “lederhosen = fun” column.

Some of these guys got so caught up in their traditional lederhosen, they allowed someone to paint their faces.

Be honest: This looks way more impressive in lederhosen, doesn’t it?

Feeling a little hot? Not a problem! Raise your arms with confidence because as long as you’re wearing lederhosen, no one will think you’re a sweaty beast. People will just be in awe of your jovial good mood.

His lederhosen gave him superpowers to hover about the crowd. This guy should be on a Wheaties box.

This would look really weird if he was wearing a three-piece suit. But wearing lederhosen? He looks downright professional!

The Verdict: Wearing Lederhosen Makes Drinking Beer More Fun

After reviewing the evidence, we can confidently conclude that yes, wearing lederhosen absolutely makes drinking beer more fun, whether you’re wearing it on your own or in a group, seated at a table or swinging through the air like one of the fellas above. So when it doubt, strap on your lederhosen and have yourself a blast!