25 Best Gifts for Wine and Beer Lovers

updated Nov 11, 2022
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Someone holding a cardboard carrier of beer.
Credit: Sarah Crowley

When it comes to holidays and birthdays, you often can’t go wrong with alcohol gifts (of course, only for the 21+ crowd!). But, if you’re on the hunt for gifts for wine and beer lovers, you’ll want to get them something extra special that they don’t already have. We’ve rounded up our favorite gifts for wine lovers, gifts for beer lovers, and everything in between. You’ll find curated bottles, subscriptions, and several little luxuries to make their next glass of wine or beer a real treat. For starters, you’ll want to take a look at the list of giftable wine and beer to expand their collection. You can also check out our favorite food gifts, so your giftees have something to snack on while they drink. We’ve also included beer and wine accessories (plus several Amazon gift ideas if you’re working within a budget!) to build up their bar cart.

So, go ahead and check out these awesome beer and wine gift ideas that are perfect for the holiday season and beyond!

Wine & Beer

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We love most any beer that comes out of Brooklyn Brewery, but their Oktoberfest is a special seasonal treat. With sweet, bready malts and German noble hops, it's a New York spin on a German classic. Prost!

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In Good Taste

This California Wine Mixer is great variety set with rosé, Chardonnay, Sauvignon blanc, and more, all made from California grapes. It includes eight 6-ounce bottles and has tasting notes for each wine, so your loved one can get the full flight experience as though they were at a vineyard.

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If you have a red wine lover in your circle of friends, this is the gift for them. This sampler offers a taste (about a glass each) of nine different reds, including a chillable Malbec that our editors are obsessed with.

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Bright Cellars

This gift truly eliminates the often anxiety-inducing task of selecting a bottle of wine for someone. Do they like it sweet, dry, or heavy on the tannins? Who knows?! With this subscription service, you don’t actually need to know. Just purchase a plan, then when the recipient receives it, they’ll go online and answer a simple questionnaire that reveals bottles they’re likely to love.

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Craft Beer Club

The country is dotted with thousands of craft breweries. And, while it would be a fun challenge to travel to as many of them as possible, getting a few delivered to the door of a beer-loving pal will be a heck of a lot faster. With this subscription, recipients get 12 bottles or cans a month, giving them an opportunity to sample the best of what small, independent brewers are currently hopped up about.

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Le Grand Verre Wines

These French reds are très bien. Help a wine lover in your life go on a tour of the French countryside without leaving their couch. This collection includes tastes of three different styles of cabernet sauvignon. Ooh la la.

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90+ Cellars Wine Shop

The mission of this brand is to provide access to great wine at a price that most people can stomach. So, even though you’ll only be throwing down one Grant (read: a $50 bill) for three full bottles, you know you’ll be gifting wine that tastes like you spent a lot more. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

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Brewed by Talea Beer Co., New York City’s first brewery and taproom owned by all women, this can has some kick thanks to an 8% ABV. The brewery prides itself on highly drinkable beers that go down easy and this double IPA — brewed with oats and wheat, giving off notes of lemon and white peppercorn — definitely delivers on that promise.

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The refreshing Mumm Grand Cordon has a vibrant fruity taste with gourmand undertones, which makes it perfectly suited for this celebratory season. Elevate any dinner party or holiday gathering by offering your guests a flute (or three!) of this vibrant bubbly at the door.


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Williams Sonoma

This sculptural decanter isn't just for show: Its long, narrow neck helps wine breathe, while the wide base helps smoothe out tannins and let the wine's natural subtleties shine. It's a sophisticated showstopper.

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Home Depot

This compact mini fridge will keep a few cold ones within reach at all times. It's perfect for the den or garage and fits a 12-pack with ease. The sleek design is an added bonus.

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Help your friend pour a proper pint with these iconic pub glasses. Not only are they a stylish way to sip their favorite brew, but they're also stackable for easy storage.

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West Elm

This marble-inspired wine chiller is the most stylish way to keep a bottle of white or rosé cold. With a triple-layered, vacuum-insulated design, it also does the job without creating condensation.

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From campfires to tailgates, they'll reach for this Yeti wine tumbler often. Colorful and durable, it takes happy hour outdoors without losing any style points. The smooth-sliding lid keeps beverages contained (and flying pests at bay).

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Know someone curious about homebrewing? Get them started with this set, which includes everything they'll need to create their first batch of beer. We bet it won't be their last.

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This was one of our absolute favorites when we tested a variety of wine openers. Its speed and ease of use makes it an ideal pick for someone who pops a lot of bottles while hosting dinner parties or even just someone who needs a foolproof way to get into that bottle of red that’s been sitting on their counter.

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Stanley, the brand behind the bestselling Stanley Adventure Quencher Tumbler that's constantly sold out, is known for making insulated drinkware that's ideal for the active outdoorsy person — or really anyone who's always on the go. This vacuum-insulated stainless steel beer pint will be perfect for the beer drinker who likes to camp, tailgate, or just kick back in their backyard. It'll keep their drink cold for up to four hours and is much better for the environment than stocking up on red plastic cups.

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The Container Store

Kitchn contributor Rochelle was able to wrangle her large wine collection with this understated wine storage solution. It can hold up to 17 bottles when they're stacked in a pyramid, so it would be a great gift for any wine drinker who has a growing collection but little space for storage.

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was $28.00

Even if they have too many wine bottle openers, they'll still get a kick out of this giftable option that actually uses a cartridge to pop the cork out. It's easy (and fun!) to use, plus it's great at getting the entire cork out every time — it'll never break on you again!

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Any beer lover knows that you can't have too many koozies, especially when they're as impressive as this Yeti can insulator. It's designed for holding bigger cans — like craft beers — and locks them in place to ensure maximum insulation. It's perfect for barbecues, tailgates, camping, and more.

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Williams Sonoma

Made of vegan leather and durable jute, this wine tote is a much more stylish way to bring a bottle to a BYO restaurant or over to a friend’s house for dinner than just carrying the bottle on its own. Idea: Give it to someone with their favorite bottles of wine inside.

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There is more than meets the eye with these wine stoppers. Each single-use preserver (they come in a pack of four) is filled with oxygen-absorbing materials that can help keep an unfinished bottle fresh for months after it is opened. Yes, months! For what it's worth, our fearless leader, Faith, said these make the perfect gift for any wine drinker on your list.

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Dog people and beer people are often one and the same. If you know someone who loves to cuddle up with their four-legged friend while they sip on a beer, then you must upgrade their pint glass to one with a picture of their pooch. Of course, cats (and other animals) can also be featured.

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Help someone in your life add a vibrant pop of color to their home with this set of jewel-tone glasses. Hand blown in Poland, these glasses are named for the company founder's grandmother, Estelle, who her granddaughter describes as "a jewel of a person." Get this set for the gem in your life.

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Williams Sonoma

For someone who likes to draw out their enjoyment, this wine preservation system can keep a bottle fresh for months (maybe even years). We've tested it out and recommend it for anyone who might want a glass of wine with dinner now and then.

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A gift like this can show you’re truly paying attention to the one you’re buying it for. This walnut wood wine stopper comes with a customizable state-shaped overlay. Choose one that shows off someone’s home state, a place where you shared a special memory together, or a hint about an upcoming trip you’re planning.

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Bringing home some beer from a local brewery is always great, but finishing it while it’s still fresh can be a real chore. This innovative growler has a CO2 regulator cap that helps keep air out and adds carbonation when someone is ready to draw a brewski from the included tap. The beer inside will stay fresh for up to two weeks, and the double-wall insulated sides ensure it will stay cold all day long (even outside of the fridge).

Just for Fun

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This pick would make an excellent present topper (who needs a bow, anyway?), or a cute little addition to any of these gifts for wine lovers who also happen to love plants! Sure, it’s just a cork that’s attached to a magnet with a tiny little succulent popping out of the top, but you have to admit, it is adorable! We bet it would look great on any fridge door.

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was $20.70

Some people like a challenge. If you know someone who enjoys one and loves beer (that’s a must for this gift), then this pick is for them. This poster lists 100 craft beers from around the globe. Once sampled, your giftee can scratch that part of the poster off. Part of the fun is tracking down all of the different brews (and drinking them, too, of course).

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Help your pal relive their college days with this slimmed-down version of a classic game that a few of us might like to forget: beer pong. This upgraded design is a little more suitable for the modern home (though it might work best in a garage or other place where the in-laws won’t easily spot it). The cup holders are removable, leaving behind an understated piece of wooden art for the wall.