What’s Actually in Your Canned Pumpkin Purée?Skills
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53 Delicious Ways to Use Up Overripe BananasSkills
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The 5 Best Apples for BakingSkills
Ready to get baking with apples this fall? Pick one of these five varieties for the best results.
The 5 Best Apples for BakingSkills
Ready to get baking with apples this fall? Pick one of these five varieties for the best results.
How Many Apples Are in a Pound?Skills
Whether you’re shopping on a budget or with a particular dish in mind, it’s helpful to know how many apples are in a pound. After all, most grocers price apples by weight, and recipes call for a certain number of pounds of apples (in that case, four).One pound of apples is about three medium-sized apples. To qualify as medium, each apple must be about the size of a tennis ball or something you can hold comfortably in the palm of your hand.
What Is Quince Anyways?Skills
Around the fall, many people reach for seasonal favorites like apples and pears. If you’re looking for something in-season but a little different, we recommend learning all about quince. Quince is a fall fruit that looks similar to apples and pears, but tastes quite different. It’s yellow in appearance, short, somewhat round, and has a relatively tough texture. Whole quince fruit is not available everywhere, but quince paste is commonly sold in stores. Read on to learn about both!
The 16 Best Apples for SnackingSkills
The title of this story might seem a bit strange. After all, aren’t the best apples to eat out of hand whatever ones you like the most? While that’s true, if you’re looking to branch out of your regular rotation of apples, here’s a list of other delicious varieties you can try. We’ve already covered the best apples for baking and the best apples for cooking, but for straight snacking, most of us reach for crisp, juicy fruit. As for flavor?
How to Freeze Apples So They Last for MonthsSkills
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The Best Way to Store Apples so They Last as Long as PossibleSkills
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Oct 3, 2023
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Sep 15, 2023
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Sep 21, 2023
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Aug 15, 2023
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Aug 12, 2023
The Only Way to Store BlueberriesSkills
The best way to store blueberries takes just a couple of steps and will make sure your produce stays fresh for weeks!
Jun 28, 2023
All About Plantains: Different Varieties and How to Cook ThemSkills
Plantains are hearty, flavorful, and grow in abundance in many countries of the world.
Mar 9, 2023
How Are Plantains Different from Bananas?Skills
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Mar 6, 2023
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Feb 23, 2023
Pomelo vs. Grapefruit: What’s the Difference Between the Two?Skills
Pomelos and grapefruits are both in the citrus family, but they have their own unique attributes.
Jan 9, 2023
Cara Cara Oranges Prove It’s What’s on the Inside That CountsSkills
Cara caras aren't like your standard orange, they're special in their own right!
Jan 6, 2023
3 Ways to Cut an Orange for All Your Snacking, Salad, and Cooking NeedsSkills
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Jan 3, 2023
7 Ingredients to Pair with Rhubarb (Beyond Strawberries)Skills
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Dec 1, 2022
3 Ways to Ripen a Tomato Without Ruining ItSkills
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Nov 30, 2022
What Is a Persimmon — And How Exactly Do I Eat It?Skills
How you eat a persimmon depends on the variety.
Nov 14, 2022
This Is the Best Way to Peel an AppleSkills
Use the vegetable peeler to keep as much flesh on your apple as possible when removing the skin.
Nov 11, 2022
How to Seed a Pomegranate the Easy WaySkills
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Nov 4, 2022
12 Delicious Tropical Fruits Worth Seeking OutSkills
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Oct 29, 2022
Can You Eat Crab Apples?Skills
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Oct 14, 2022
The Ultimate Grape GuideSkills
Learn about the tastiest grapes for eating, adding to salads, and cooking.
Oct 6, 2022
The Best Tips for Keeping Your Grapes Fresh LongerSkills
Learn how to properly store grapes for maximum freshness.
Oct 6, 2022
Technique: How to Use Tamarind PulpSkills
Pad thai and many other Southeast Asian dishes just wouldn’t be the same without a few healthy spoonfuls of sweet-sour tamarind. For the most part, we use blocks of tamarind pulp when this ingredient is called for, and these require a little extra prep work before going into the pot. Here’s what we do!These blocks of tamarind pulp are the tamarind fruit pods stripped of the outer husk and compressed tightly together.
Oct 4, 2022
What's the Difference Between Apple Cider and Apple Juice?Skills
Apple cider and apple juice look quite similar but can be made, packaged, and labeled in different ways. Learn the differences between apple juice and apple cider here.
Sep 11, 2022
Short on Limes? Try These SubstitutesSkills
Are you feeling the effects of the lime shortage? Due to a combination of severe weather, tree disease, and organized crime, imported limes are now scarce and expensive. While nothing can truly take the place of a fresh lime in a margarita, depending on what you’re making there are plenty of adequate substitutes. Lime juice substitutes include lemon juice, white wine or tamarind, while lime zest can be replaced with orange zest or lime oil.
Aug 22, 2022
I Tried This Simple Hack to Juice Lemons and I Was Surprised at How Much Juice I Actually GotSkills
You have all the tools you need already!
Aug 20, 2022
5 Ways to Actually Enjoy Eating an Underripe AvocadoSkills
Did a bin of firm, underripe avocados dash your hopes for a piece of avocado toast once again? I don’t mean avocados that are still rock-hard — those specimens that seem like they require a chainsaw to cut open. I’m talking about the avocados that dash your plans because they’re just a little too firm for making your favorite batch of guacamole.
Aug 16, 2022
How To Pick, Clean and Prepare Fava BeansSkills
Go ahead and make your jokes about fava beans and a nice Chianti. There’s no denying that these fresh, meaty beans are delicious, and they are in season right now, so grab them up! This protein-packed legume can be mashed and spread on bruschetta, or folded them into mashed potatoes. Most Americans aren’t familiar with fava beans, so we hope this post will make them seem less mysterious and cause more people to give them a try.
Aug 8, 2022
This Clever Hack Changed the Way I Cut Clingstone PeachesSkills
No more clingy pits.
Aug 6, 2022
Freestone Peaches vs. Clingstone: What’s the Difference?Skills
How well do you know your peaches?
Aug 5, 2022
What's a Stone Fruit, Anyway? Skills
Find out with our visual guide.
Aug 5, 2022
How Long Do Dates Last? Here’s How to Know If They’re BadSkills
Do you know what they are?
Aug 4, 2022
How To Easily Peel Peaches Without a KnifeSkills
When you get a hold of nice ripe peaches, it can be tempting to just take a big bite and eat them straight-up. But if you’re using them for pie, ice cream, or in other peach recipes, you probably want to remove their skins first. Removing the peels can help provide a more consistent texture to your favorite treats.
Aug 3, 2022
The Fastest Way to Chop Watermelon for Margaritas and MoreSkills
Summer suddenly just got a whole lot cooler.
Jul 27, 2022
The Best Way to Cut a Peach, Plus How to Use Fresh PeachesSkills
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Jul 22, 2022
The Best Ways to Buy, Store, and Use Fresh CherriesSkills
Follow these tips and prepare for cherry pie season the right way.
Jul 2, 2022
5 Easy Ways to Pit Fresh Cherries Without a Cherry PitterSkills
For all of your cherry-pie-making needs!
Jul 1, 2022
The Very Best Way to Freeze Blueberries, Plus How to Use ThemSkills
This is the best way to keep them fresh and prevent them from sticking together.
Jun 30, 2022
What’s the Difference Between a Cobbler, Crumble, and Crisp?Skills
Here's everything you've ever wanted to know, including how they get their names.
Jun 29, 2022
How to Cut Papaya — A Step-by-Step GuideSkills
Follow these simple steps to slice your fresh papaya.
Jun 25, 2022
How to Peel Kiwis — A Step-by-Step GuideSkills
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Jun 24, 2022
I Tried 7 Ways to Store Strawberries and the Winner Is Very Obvious
Skills Showdown
Because there's nothing worse than buying fresh strawberries only for them to go to waste.
Oct 10, 2023
What Are Kumquats and How Can I Use Them?Skills
Pucker up for these sweet little citrus fruits.
May 31, 2022
What’s the Difference Between Peaches and Nectarines?Skills
Summer is when I eat my weight in peaches and nectarines.  And whether they’re for fruit cobbler or simply for snacking,  my toddler and I make sure to stock up at the farmers market on weekends. We don’t really care whether we’re buying peaches or nectarines, we just buy what looks, smells, and tastes good. But it did get me to thinking, are there differences between these two stone fruits? Yes, but they’re more subtle than you might expect.
May 27, 2022
How to Freeze Peaches So You Can Make Cobblers and Pies All Year LongSkills
I always get a little overzealous during peak peach season. Their beautiful hue draws me in, then their perfume seduces me into a stupor, and the next thing I know I’m leaving the farmers market with a full peck of peaches. A peck is nearly 15 pounds, so once my stupor fades away, I realize there is no way my family can eat that many peaches before they go bad (although we’ve tried).I prefer to peel my peaches before freezing because it makes them more versatile to use later.
May 27, 2022
In Season Right Now: Sour CherriesSkills
These tart, acidic cousins of the sweeter table cherries are very hard to find. In the United States, they’re grown in large numbers in Michigan and Wisconsin and marketed as either sour or pie cherries. I managed to find them at an u-pick farm in Brentwood, California, but when I got out there, the trees had been picked over and I didn’t get enough cherries to make a pie or jam. Special note to cherry growers: please plant sour cherries. Hint, hint.
May 13, 2022
A Roundup Of AvocadosSkills
It is avocado season, and we’ve been doing a lot of things with this buttery, delicious fruit. While the Hass avocado is the most widely known variety, there are many varieties of avocados, some you’ve probably never heard of! Bacon avocados are medium-sized oval avocados with green skin that is easy to peel. They have a light taste and are available from late fall to early spring. Fuerte avocados were the original California avocado.
May 12, 2022
Seasonal Spotlight: White MulberriesSkills
Compared to the gorgeous, jewel-toned color of pink or purple mulberries, white mulberries are rather plain-looking. Some might even say ugly. Or even grub-like. But don’t let that put you off! With their delicate sweetness, white mulberries can be enjoyed on their own or served as a complement to summer ices and other desserts.Native to China, the fruit of the white mulberry tree (Morus alba) can actually be white, pink, or light purple.
May 12, 2022
Preserving Without Canning: Tips and Tricks for Summer ProduceSkills
We hate to say it, but summer will be over before we know it. Now is the time to preserve some of the season’s gems like tomatoes, peaches, corn, and peppers. Preserving isn’t just about canning, though. Here are some tips for freezing, pickling, making sauces, and more.Berries: Berries may be frozen, of course, but our favorite way to preserve their flavor is in a shrub syrup, which you can use in sodas, cocktails, and salad dressings. Vinegar is also a great option for berries.
May 11, 2022
Everything You Need to Know About Buying and Cooking with ApplesSkills
What’s not to love about apples? They’re colorful and sturdy enough to carry around all day. They’re a healthy snack, and delicious raw, baked, or even cooked into sauce. We’ve gathered together our best tips on shopping, storing, and cooking the popular fruit that always graces our fruit basket! With so many varieties of apples out there, knowing what you want to do with the apples will help you pick the right variety.
May 4, 2022
Try This: Cucumber-Infused RumSkills
We’ve got a fridge full of cucumbers and a vacation coming up in a few days, which means we’re dutifully eating, drinking, and preserving these summer fruits as quickly as we can. Inspired by a recipe from the Two Hot Tamales, Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger, we also made a cucumber and rum infusion.Using a vegetable peeler, we peeled and sliced a cucumber into thin strips. One could also cut rounds or chunks, but we thought strips might be better for infusing.
May 4, 2022
Frozen Grapes Are Kid- and Adult-ApprovedSkills
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Apr 30, 2022
The Very Best Way to Clean StrawberriesSkills
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Apr 30, 2022
What Is Rhubarb? Here’s What You Need to Know About This Spring IngredientSkills
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Apr 7, 2022
What's the Difference Between Key Limes and Limes?Skills
Key limes and Persian limes (usually just labeled "limes") are similar but there are some *key* differences.
Mar 5, 2022
We Tried 6 Methods for Cutting a PineappleSkills
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Feb 12, 2022
The Last Thing You Should Do with a Brown Paper Lunch Bag
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Oct 14, 2021
8 Important Tips for Buying and Prepping Fruits and Veggies, According to Microbiologists
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Sep 10, 2021
I Tried Using a French Press to Make Fresh Watermelon Juice and Here’s What Happened
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Aug 13, 2021
To Make Perfect Slices of Watermelon, Use This Common Household ItemSkills
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The Fastest Way to Juice Citrus When You Don’t Have a JuicerSkills
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