10 Ways to Use Up Mealy Watermelon

published Aug 15, 2023
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Enough with the Enneagram and the Meyers-Briggs tests, because how you buy watermelon tells me everything I need to know. The person picking up pre-cut watermelon pieces has clear expectations and wants absolutely no surprises. Shoppers who risk it all on an uncut melon fall into two categories. The first group leaves it all to chance, placing the first melon they touch in their cart. The second reads the rind like a treasure map noting the color of the field spot and following the “two-finger” rule

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10 Ways to Use Up Mealy Watermelon

Watermelon loses its crunch when overripe, but it’s still great for making watermelon-flavored margaritas, smoothies, curry, caramel sauce, and more.

No matter how you pick watermelon, you’re bound to bring home a mealy one at some point this season. Once a watermelon’s crisp texture is lost, it’s no good for eating out of hand, but there are still plenty of things you can do with a soft, mealy watermelon. From refreshing drinks to fruity cocktails, summer soups and even pickles, here are 10 tasty ways to use up that mealy watermelon

What Makes a Watermelon Mealy?

A watermelon’s texture changes from crisp and crunchy to dry, soft, and mealy when the melon is overripe. 

Is It Safe to Eat a Mealy Watermelon?

It is safe to eat a mealy watermelon, though it won’t have the crisp texture you expect from the fruit. Avoid eating watermelon that has an off-odor, slimy texture, or dark spots. 

What Can You Do with a Mealy Watermelon?

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Watermelon Basil Agua Fresca

Nothing beats the heat like a glass of refreshing agua fresca made with watermelon and basil.

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Watermelon Smoothie
You'll want to start every summer morning with this thirst-quenching smoothie.
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2-Ingredient Watermelon Sherbet

Sweetened condensed milk is the magic ingredient that sweetens and thickens this watermelon sherbet.

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Watermelon Granita

Turn ripe watermelon into an icy-cold treat perfect for a hot summer day.

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Watermelon Caramel Sauce

Transform watermelon juice into a 2-ingredient summer caramel sauce for over ice cream, pound cake, and more.

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Watermelon Margarita

This sweet-tart 3-ingredient margarita is your excuse to buy the XL melon.

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Watermelon Mimosas

Watermelon mimosas are light, sweet, bubbly, and oh-so-simple to make.

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Watermelon Gazpacho

Watermelon gazpacho is the perfect no-cook summer lunch that blends up in minutes.

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Watermelon Curry

This sweet and spicy dish is proof that watermelon is far more versatile than you ever imagined.

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Pickled Watermelon Rind

This old-fashioned Southern recipe is a sweet and tangy no-waste summer treat.

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