What's the Best Way to Peel an Apple?

What's the Best Way to Peel an Apple?

Let's talk about naked apples! You'll need to strip off those pretty skins for many a dish this fall and winter. How do you do it? Do you use a paring knife? Or one of those fancy peelers that rotates the apple like a rotisserie chicken? We've got our preferred method—see the photos, below—and we'd love to hear yours.

We like to use a vegetable peeler to skin our apples; it spares more flesh than a paring knife (we're always getting hasty and taking off too much apple with the peel when we use a knife), and it's fast and efficient. Especially if you pull it towards you rather than slashing away from your body. You'll have more control that way.

As we rarely have need for a whole, peeled apple, we like to cut ours into quarters before peeling. Then we pull the peeler horizontally across the top of the chunk, taking off a tiny strip (about 1/4-inch), just to give us a place for the peeler to "grab" when we start peeling downward.

Then we simply pull the peeler down vertically, taking off 1/2-inch strips as we go.

Once the chunk is peeled, we'll do the same horizontal move across the bottom to remove the final bit of peel.

So, that's what works for us. We find this easier than peeling a whole apple in one, long spiral, although that's a cool trick if you can do it.

What's your method?

And don't throw your apple peels away!
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(Top image: Irving Penn's "Peeled Apple," via Christies; bottom images: Elizabeth Passarella)

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