16 Best Kitchen Storage Finds of 2023

published Dec 27, 2023
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Wouldn’t it be incredible to suddenly double storage space in the kitchen? Unfortunately, thanks to 2023’s high rate of inflation, surging mortgage rates, and rising home prices, most of us are stuck making do with the space we have.

Lucky for us though, the organizing world spent 2023 solving our small-space issues, from nonexistent drawer space to over-stuffed cabinets to the black hole in the back of our refrigerators. The Kitchn team combed through thousands of shopper reviews and tested each of these products at home, so you can be confident that the following organizers are the best of the best. These 16 editor-approved products make it less painful — and even fun! — to optimize the kitchens we’ve got. Here’s to a more organized 2024! 

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Lazy Susans are having a moment and for good reason — it only takes a flick of the wrist to reach items in the back of cabinets and refrigerators. There’s just one problem: wasted corner space. That’s why the *rectangular* LAMU Lazy Susan Fridge Organizer is such a game-changer. Just like a traditional lazy Susan, it can spin 360 degrees, but thanks to its swivel design it has a larger footprint than its round cousin.

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I know I said there’s only one problem with lazy Susans, but if we’re talking about built-in cabinet turntables, there’s a second issue: They can be tricky to organize and clean. Enter: turntable organizers. These wedge-shaped plastic bins keep items from falling over and contain spills in an easy-to-clean, removable container. Staff writer Patty Catalano says these organizers helped turn her frustrating corner cabinet into a useful extension of her pantry.

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In small spaces, practical storage solutions that double as decor are a must. This gorgeous two-tiered produce basket utilizes vertical space and makes it easy to keep your veg and fruit separate, in a neutral design that complements almost any kitchen aesthetic.

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KitchenAid stand mixers are a staple for most home bakers, even those with small kitchens. They are absolutely worth the footprint, but it can be tricky to store their awkwardly sized accessories (I’m looking at you, whisk attachment). Rather than sacrifice precious cabinet storage, hang attachments under the cabinet with AIEVE Stand Mixer Attachment Holders which can be installed with screws or renter-friendly adhesive.

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Nothing has improved the organization of reviewer Caroline Mullen’s 40-square foot kitchen more than this magnetic fridge rack. With two shelves, four hooks, and a roll for paper towels, this renter-friendly storage solution packs a punch. If your refrigerator doesn’t hold a magnet, no problem; the rack comes with mounting hardware for walls, too.

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If you’ve been obsessing over those kitchen wrap organizers all over social media, but you don’t have the drawer space, you’re in luck. Contributing writer Shifrah Combiths tested and loves this bamboo baggie and wrap organizer that mounts to a wall or door, no drawer required.

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If you don’t need the large footprint of the Calmbee bag and wrap organizer, consider these small, clear organizers instead. They adhere to the inside of cabinet doors or pantry walls, no drill necessary. Skip the decanting, too, and simply drop your plastic wrap, parchment paper, and sandwich bag boxes directly into the container.

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Wasting less is not only good for your budget, it also reduces harmful methane gas produced by rotting food in landfills. As a reward for eating all those leftovers, treat yourself to these beautiful glass containers with bamboo lids, which make even the most lackluster pasta look appetizing. These glass beauties are also stackable, airtight, and oven-, microwave-, and dishwasher-safe. The lids even double as tiny cutting boards!

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Former pastry chef and contributing writer Stella Totino swears by this compact dish drying rack, perfect for tiny New York City apartments. It’s stylish yet durable, and holds a surprising amount of dishes for its size. If you think you don’t have space for a drying rack, this one’s for you.

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Editor-favorite brand and women-owned company YouCopia is known for tackling real problems with efficient solutions, and this rolling fridge caddy is a perfect example. The compartments are adjustable, and the caddy is well-balanced and easy to roll, which means your Siggi’s will never be forgotten in the back of the fridge again. Even better? It only costs $12.

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Why should you be limited to the number of drawers that come with your refrigerator? Add a couple of under-shelf drawers, and create storage space out of thin air. Contributing writer Shifrah Combiths loves how easy these Joseph Joseph drawers are to install and use, and she’s already tempted to buy more.

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What’s better than a lazy Susan? Two, obviously. This two-tier cabinet organizer by Copco is sturdy and spins easily, while providing twice as much storage as a traditional turntable. The removable compartments on the top layer make it easy to transport ingredients for food prep or make space for taller items on the lower level.

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If you’re looking for a big impact on a small budget, these magnetic hooks will transform your pan storage. There’s nothing more renter-friendly than a magnet, and these affordable hooks can hold up to 150 pounds, more than enough for even your heaviest pan. Turn the side of your refrigerator into Julia Child’s iconic pegboard, no DIY skills required.

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Speaking of budget solutions, a simple tension rod can double your under-sink storage. Install the rod in the vertical space under your sink, and get all those spray bottles off the ground. Add a roll of paper towels, and make it your own with S-hooks for dish gloves, brushes, and other cleaning supplies. Command Spray Bottle Hangers will give this hack extra stability.

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My family eats dozens of eggs every week (we’re basically a family of Gastons), so when I saw Kristina Vänni’s review of YouCopia’s egg organizer, I knew we needed at least three. The stackable egg holders have clear lids, making it simple to tell when it’s time to restock. The inner trays are removable for easy access, and the eggs are stored on a gentle slope, always ready at the front of the container for your next omelet.

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Decrease tiny-kitchen frustration by adding wheels to your appliances. These affordable adhesive appliance sliders make it effortless to move your Vitamix and KitchenAid mixer, no heavy lifting required.