This $25 Amazon Find Instantly Improved the Flow of My Tiny Kitchen

published Feb 24, 2023
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Laundry and Kitchen Interior
Credit: Paul Taylor / Getty Images

I love my kitchen, but it’s certainly small. At less than 40 square feet, there’s only so much counter and cabinet space to house all my kitchen gear. The counters are dedicated to small appliances and functional items like a dish-drying rack, while the cabinets and drawers hide a collection of cookware, pantry items, and an ever-growing stack of plates. I knew it would be tight quarters before we even moved in, so I made a few key purchases that capitalized on vertical space, like a double-decker fruit basket and a wall-mounted utensil rack, but nothing improved the flow of the kitchen as much or as quickly as my magnetic fridge rack

Credit: Erin Derby

What’s So Great About This Magnetic Spice Rack?

Because I cook often, I always like to have the essentials close by. But since the counter space that flanks the stove is taken up by a toaster, blender — and, admittedly, a cute little table lamp — I didn’t have room to store a tray with olive oil, salt, pepper, and the like. When I came upon this ingenious magnetic rack, I knew it would be the perfect thing to maximize the oft-unused side of the fridge — especially because mine butts right up next to the stove. It comes with mounting hardware for walls, too, so I can also take it with me when we move and repurpose it in a new kitchen, regardless of the fridge’s location. 

The organizer has rails on the bottom shelf to hold the items in place, ensuring that nothing slides off, while the top shelf can accommodate bulkier items that might not be a perfect fit. Not only does it house my salt cellar, pepper grinder, and two bottles of olive oil, but there’s also plenty of room for extras. I keep a butter crock and knife on hand for easy-access soft butter, a teeny pot filled with honey for tea, and a box of flaky salt for a finishing touch on avocado toast. What’s more, there’s a rod for paper towels (which comes in extra handy while handling raw meat and cleaning up spills) and optional hooks for my apron and potholder. In case you weren’t keeping track, the rack holds 10 different kitchen essentials close by for super-easy access.

Some other ideas for this nifty little rack: Keep frequently used spices and herbs like paprika, cumin, and thyme close by, as well as hot sauce and jarred condiments like sun-dried tomatoes; turn it into a little coffee station and stock sugar, sauces, simple syrup, straws, and more near your coffee maker; load up reusable microfiber cloths for cleaning up messes instead of paper towels. You can also use it outside of the kitchen, like on the back of a utility closet or cabinet door for cleaning supplies, extra sponges, and scrubbers; or stick it to the side of your washing machine to hold concentrated detergents, stain remover, and fabric softener sheets. There’s literally nothing you can’t use this organizer for, and I’m this close to getting a second rack for even more storage.