This $26 Organizer Made Me Completely Rethink Fridge Storage

published Sep 20, 2023
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Items on a rectangular turntable in a fridge/
Credit: Shifrah Combiths

I can spend hours going down the rabbit hole of social media organizing and cleaning hacks — and I do. I love watching satisfying cleaning videos, learning new hacks, and being part of a community that enjoys cleaning. Watching people scrub out their sinks or put fresh sheets on their beds gives me motivation and teaches me about countless new products, tools, and techniques, from clever organizing hacks to cleaning products that have become a permanent part of my cleaning arsenal. 

Recently, I saw this space-saving rectangular turntable on Jill Comes Clean’s Instagram account, and I immediately wanted to try it in our fridge. Our refrigerator is counter-depth because that’s what fits best in our kitchen layout, and although the fridge itself is well-designed and space-efficient, we still have to be strategic with our storage to maximize space. The best way I’ve found to do this is to use designated fridge zones and long clear plastic bins to corral items for easy access. But when I saw the rectangular turntable, I knew it could be a better alternative. And only $26? Sold. 

Once the lazy Susan arrived, I got to work. By transferring refrigerated items to the turntable, I was able to empty out three plastic bins in my refrigerator, and it doesn’t budge, thanks to the suction cups on the bottom. The best part is how much more easily I can access everything on the turntable — especially compared to the bins. I can reach everything from the long sides and short sides. And no more searching through items or juggling jars just to find the one I need. Yes, traditional lazy Susans offer the same benefit, but this rectangular version has a bigger surface area, so it can hold substantially more. 

The turntable spins smoothly, although I have discovered that it works best when I only turn it in one direction. I also like that there isn’t a “dead zone” in the middle like many regular round lazy Susans, which is key with hard-to-see shorter containers. 

Credit: Shifrah Combiths

So far I’ve only used one rectangular turntable in my fridge, but I can see myself experimenting with another or putting one in my pantry. The rectangular shape helps this turntable fit into a modular storage system so there’s much less wasted space than when using round storage products. Plus, because it’s totally removable and made of sturdy plastic, it’s easy to wipe clean (without taking out entire shelves). 

The possibilities with such a useful product are endless and, as is so often the case, the rectangular turntable demonstrates once again that the best organizing and storage products are multipurpose and versatile.