The Invisible $10 Gadget That Takes the Hassle Out of Moving Kitchen Appliances

published Dec 6, 2023
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Appliances on a kitchen counter
Credit: Caroline Mullen

I’ve lamented the size of my apartment kitchen before. With roughly 30 square feet of space, I have to be very strategic with what deserves precious counter real estate — even if that means devoting a corner to a lamp and picture frame (kitchens need decorative touches, too!). This means that the few appliances that do hold a coveted counter spot need to fit neatly next to each other under the counter overhang, and I need to be able to slide them in and out while toasting, blending, and brewing.

But most small appliances actually have grippy silicone feet on the bottom to prevent them from moving around, which sounds good in theory, but in a small kitchen, actually makes simple tasks quite frustrating. For example, I didn’t make many smoothies for breakfast because I loathed dragging the Vitamix out from its little corner home. Enter: appliance sliders. 

Somehow or another (okay, it was probably TikTok) I came upon these appliance sliders and had to try them out. They’re very simple but cleverly designed: Just a flat plastic button with adhesive on the back. They look and function pretty much like a tiny version of plastic furniture sliders, as the hard plastic glides easily over pretty much any counter surface. 

My counters are granite, but according to the manufacturer (and customer reviews), they work just as well on natural stone, marble, laminate, and even butcher block countertops. I’d seen similar little sliders on wheels before, but they were met with mixed reviews because the roller balls don’t always roll, and they can get crumbs and dust trapped inside, resulting in stuck wheels.

Credit: Caroline Mullen

Aside from how great these little guys are, they also couldn’t be simpler to put on. For long-lasting adhesion, here are a few things I’d suggest: First, be sure to wipe the bottom of your appliance clean from any crumbs or kitchen grease they may have collected with a multipurpose spray or dish soap and water. Any dust or debris that gets trapped between the adhesive sliders and the appliance will result in a weaker bond. You might also want to wipe the bottom of your appliance with some rubbing alcohol, which ensures the surface is dry and prepped for an adhesive, similar to a Command Hook. 

Some appliances also have little silicone feet that don’t perfectly fit the sliders, but you can work around this by adhering the slider directly onto the silicone foot or doubling them up on a flat surface. Lastly, give the adhesive an hour or so to take hold before you start sliding your appliances around — this will prevent them from popping or sliding off and will be better for long-term stick. 

Credit: Caroline Mullen

Now that I’ve stuck these sliders onto the bottom of every countertop appliance I own, I’ve noticed a significant decrease in my tiny-kitchen frustration. I can easily slide the toaster out from underneath the cabinets so I don’t risk burning the wood above, the coffee grinder and espresso machine neatly swap places depending on which one I need, and, of course, the blender is all the more accessible for morning smoothies. 

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