I Didn’t Have Enough Drawer Space for Those Really Cool Baggie Organizers, So I Did This Instead

published Feb 8, 2023
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Credit: Shifrah Combiths

When we were designing our new kitchen, I dreamed about how I’d organize it, and high on my list was using those super-cool baggie organizers I’ve seen all over Instagram and Amazon lately. 

But somehow, even though the new kitchen is bigger, I seem to have less cabinet space, or at least less easily accessible cabinet space, than before. I don’t have any spare drawer or cabinet space for storing my baggies and wraps. In our last house, I kept them in the pantry in a corner. Even though the pantry in our new house has a larger square footage, the configuration makes it harder to use than our old one. It’s deep and items get lost really easily. I need to be super selective with what I put in the prime spots that are reachable from the front of the shelves. 

When we moved in and got settled, I didn’t know where to put my items like my baggies, plastic wrap, aluminum foil, and parchment paper. I knew that storage conundrums like this one are often solved by turning to vertical space, so I had a little epiphany: Could I mount the drawer organizer on the back of the pantry door? My husband’s pet peeve is hanging shelves that rattle against the back of the door, but this organizer would be firmly mounted and wouldn’t wiggle and bang around. 

Sure enough, I found the Calmbee Plastic Wrap Dispenser with Cutter and Ziplock Bag organizer, a set on Amazon that had holes for mounting the storage unit vertically. The set had spaces not only for baggies, but also for wraps. It came with anchors to mount the units even on something hollow (which the pantry door is), and I’m proud to say I used the power drill and hung the whole thing myself! To make full use of the back-of-the-door space, I also bought the mDesign Portable Metal Farmhouse Wall Decor Angled Storage Organizer Basket Bin, a wire basket attachment that I use to stash our brown paper bags. 

Credit: Shifrah Combiths

I love that my bags and wraps are super accessible, but they don’t take up any other valuable storage real estate. I also love that I don’t have to look at garish, mismatched, and torn packaging. The storage unit has enough slots for me to store all the main size bags I use and also to stash the plastic gloves I sometimes use when preparing raw meat or cutting spicy peppers. The spaces that store wraps have conveniently located cutters, so it isn’t a problem that I don’t have the ragged edges or sliding cutters that come with wrap boxes. 

I’m so glad I found a solution for storing my baggies and wraps attractively in a way that doesn’t take up any shelf or drawer space and that keeps everything within easy reach. 

Have you found a similar workaround that solves a problem for you? Tell me about it in the comments!