The $25 Organizer That Keeps Eggs From Getting Squished in My Tiny Fridge

published May 3, 2023
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I always have the best intentions when it comes to organizing my refrigerator. Every once in a while, I’ll do a deep dive into cleaning, sorting, and arranging all the food into an Instagram-worthy tableaux. I’ll stand back, proud of my work, and vow that it will stay that way forever. Admittedly, this doesn’t last long. 

With bottles and packages of varying sizes coming in and out of my fridge daily, it’s hard to keep everything perfectly organized all the time. There, of course, is one exception to this rule: eggs. Eggs are the one refrigerator staple that can’t be pushed around willy-nilly or shoved in at the last second while unloading groceries. And with the price of eggs these days, the last thing I want to do is risk having a dozen slip off the shelf and onto the kitchen floor. Precious eggs are worth organizing well and storing properly in a dedicated place in the refrigerator. 

What’s So Great About the YouCopia FridgeView Rolling Egg Holder?

While there are many storage solutions on the market, I recently found my favorite way to store eggs. The FridgeView Rolling Egg Holder from YouCopia is an ingenious, space-saving product that makes it effortless to load, dispense, and store your eggs. There are several reasons I love this product over other ones I’ve seen — and used.

  • Size: Depending on the size of your eggs, it can hold about 12 to 14 eggs. Whether I buy medium, large, or jumbo eggs, they’ll all fit in this container without a problem. 
  • Ease: There is a removable inner tray, which makes it easy to refill when I’m unloading groceries and easy to grab when I’m cooking or baking.
  • Design: The slight angle of the tray dispenser means that when I grab an egg or two from the front, the remaining eggs gently roll down, ready and waiting for the next recipe. 
  • Sturdy, clear top: The see-through top means that I can see when it’s time to buy more eggs with a quick glance. Plus, the sturdy cover ensures I can stack things on top of the egg holder without worrying about crushing the eggs. 
Credit: Kristina Vänni

This egg holder has recently become even more useful because we’ve started buying fresh eggs from one of our neighbors who raises backyard chickens. Not only do I love this hyper-local “farm to table” food source, but the eggs are also simply gorgeous and absolutely delicious! 

Of course, eggs this fresh don’t automatically come with a cardboard or styrofoam container, so the rolling egg holder has been a fantastic storage solution for me as well as editor Britt Franklin, who uses the egg holder in place of the usual grocery store packaging.

“I used to keep eggs in their cartons, but always found it inconvenient to pull out the entire container every time I needed just one or two eggs,” she says. “It didn’t help that I couldn’t stack anything on top of it because of how much space the cartoon took up on my fridge’s most compact shelf. The FridgeView changed all of that. First, I loved that it made egg storage stylish. Second, it made my eggs a whole lot more accessible. And third, the FridgeView can be stacked on top of other items or I can stack items on top of it without worrying about the container collapsing. Because my refrigerator is so small, every inch of space is valuable.”

Buy: YouCopia FridgeView Rolling Egg Holder, $24.99 (originally $29.99)