9 Ways to Squeeze More Storage Out of Your Tiny Kitchen

updated Jun 9, 2019
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I spent quite a few years cooking in a tiny New York City apartment kitchen, where storage space was at a serious premium. One of the many things it taught me was how to be creative and resourceful when it came to maximizing space.

Even when it feels like you’re utilizing all the storage space you possibly can, there are still ways to squeeze even more storage out of your kitchen. Here’s how.

1. Add a shelf to maximize the space above your cabinets.

If your cabinets don’t go all the way to the ceiling, that open space is prime storage territory. Since it’s a little out of the way (and maybe out of reach), use it store items you don’t use on a daily basis, like cake stands, a roasting pan, large stock pots, or a pressure cooker.

2. Take advantage of open wall space.

Wall space is the not-so-hidden gem of kitchen storage. It’s not the most obvious storage spot, but it has so much potential. Pegboards have the power to open up a lot of new storage solutions. Or you can consider adding shelves, or even a fold-down table.

3. Magnetic knife strips are good for storing a lot more than just knives.

If you’re short on counter space, skip the knife block and keep your knives organized with magnetic strips instead. These magnetic strips are also useful for storing pot lids and other metal kitchen tools.

4. Add another shelf inside cabinets.

Dishes and pantry items can only be stacked so high before cabinets start to feel totally unorganized. Most cabinets never seem to have enough permanent shelves, so the best solution to get the most storage is adding expandable shelves, or even baskets that hang just below the shelf.

5. Hang things on the open side of a cabinet.

If you have a cabinet that doesn’t butt up against a wall on both sides, go ahead and utilize the open side. Use it to mount shelves or hang smaller items, like cutting boards, magnetic strips, or a spice rack.

6. Utilize the inside of cabinet doors.

This might be the most under-utilized space in your kitchen. Whether you buy an organizer to hang over the cabinet door, or use hooks to hang things like dish towels and pot holders, this is a smart storage area.

7. Use tension rods to make storage space more organized.

Small tension rods are useful organizational tools in the kitchen. Use them in an under-the-sink cabinet to hang cleaning supplies and towels, or arrange a few of them vertically to keep baking sheets, cooling racks, and cutting boards organized.

8. Don’t forget about the ceiling.

Don’t have the cabinet space to store pots and pans? Consider using a hanging rack instead.

9. Use your oven for storage.

Consider this: How often do you really use your oven? If it’s not a lot, it makes a handy storage space. If you’re really short on cabinet space, use your oven to store baking sheets and cooling racks. Just remember to take them out before turning on the oven.

Do you have any great tips for making the most of storage space in a tiny kitchen that we didn’t mention here?