What’s the Best Way to Beat Egg Whites?

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Q: Should the egg whites be at room temperature in a warm bowl?

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Editor: This answer partially depends on what you plan to do with the egg whites, but to find the best general answer to this question, we have to look to the science of how egg whites work. Here’s what Associate Food Editor Emma has to say:

“Generally speaking, eggs beat best if they are fresh and cold. This produces small, tight bubbles that hold up well and won’t deflate as easily when you’re doing things like piping out meringue or folding whites into cake batter.

When whites are older or at room temperature, they will whip up more quickly and to a greater volume, but this produces big bubbles with a less stable structure. While not ideal for meringues, this would be great for a soufflé — there aren’t a lot of other heavy ingredients weighing down the egg whites, and you’re cooking the dish right away.”