What Can I Bake with Fresh Yeast?

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Q: I just picked up some fresh yeast, and the baker said I needed to use it within 3-4 days!

Do you know of any recipes that could be made on a work-night, or even something I can put together in the morning and then cook or bake later?

Anything I can do with it other than bake? Thanks for your help!

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Editor: You can substitute fresh yeast (also called cake yeast or compressed yeast) for the dry yeast in any baking recipe. Use twice the amount of fresh yeast as active dry yeast called for in the recipe. If the recipe calls for instant yeast, use a little less than double the amount of fresh yeast.

Unfortunately, fresh yeast does not freeze very well, so be sure to use it up within a few days of purchasing. If you start to see a lot of dark or dried spots on the outside of the yeast, it’s time to toss it and find some new yeast.

For weeknight recipes, try making some no-knead bread:

Readers, any other thoughts or recipe suggestions?