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This Chai Concentrate is My Go-To for Making Barista-Worthy Iced Lattes All Summer Long

published May 11, 2022
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Credit: One Stripe Chai

I love my morning coffee ritual. I grind my beans, turn on my electric kettle, then meticulously measure the ratio of grounds to water before I let my coffee steep. I then add honey, followed by ice, and then almond milk. I sip as slowly as I can, but that’s usually an average of four minutes if I’m totally honest. This is a simple routine I relish in. Unfortunately, I don’t always have time for the whole grind n’ brew method, especially when summer rolls around and I find myself on-the-go all the time. But, no matter how action-packed my summer days tend to be, I can promise you won’t find this gal skipping her iced cup of caffeine for anything! So, I’ve been on the search for an equally enjoyable alternative.

I’ll admit, I’m a coffee fan through and through — although, I do love a good matcha latte on occasion — but my newfound morning indulgence this summer is, shockingly, tea-based. As it turns out, this iced latte alternative is so much easier than I could’ve imagined. It comes in the form of a pre-bottled chai concentrate. And I’ve already developed a new morning routine: I simply pop open my bottle of One Stripe Chai, pour it into my to-go mug, add dairy-free milk and ice, stir, then head on my way. Because the concentrate is sweetened, I can even skip the step of adding honey. I mean, could it get any easier?

Aside from the ease, this concentrate is seriously yummy. Maybe it’s because it’s crafted from only the highest quality ingredients ethically sourced from all around the world, but this chai has a velvety, complex taste. With all the same spice notes as the traditional tea, it has a smooth, rich, and full flavor. It’s thick and packed with flavor, which is something I’ve never found with loose-leaf tea. Plus, when poured over ice, it’s surprisingly refreshing. Unlike the iced coffee I drink throughout the other seasons, I literally find myself murmuring a satisfied “ahh” after each sip of One Stripe. I’ve even been going back for a second glass as an afternoon pick-me-up on some days.

Credit: Stella Totino

One Stripe suggests that you add a 1:1 ratio of chai to the milk of your choice — by the way, they offer it bundled with Oatly Oat Milk if that’s your jam — which, I have to agree, is the perfect ratio of concentrate to milk. The 32-oz. bottle claims to make eight cups of chai, although I’ve found my bottle has lasted me much longer (it usually lasts for about two weeks’ worth of daily chai lattes). Plus, at under $20 per bottle, my lattes are coming out to just over a dollar each. Now that’s a pretty good deal if I do say so myself!

One Stripe also offers the concentrate unsweetened, or in smaller quantities, which is a great option for travel or beach days. No matter which concentrate you do order, however, you can expect a sumptuous, slightly spicy brew that hits all the right flavor notes. Trust me, this stuff will easily replace your morning cup of cold brew!