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This Game-Changing Electric Kettle Is the Best Purchase I Made This Year — and It’s on Major Sale

published Dec 14, 2021
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Cropped shot of a woman having a tea break at home.
Credit: Delmaine Donson | Getty Images

I’m all about saving time in the kitchen since I spend so much time cooking, baking, and meal prepping. So, when my electric kettle gave out (after years of loyal service) a few months back, I didn’t realize how much I relied on the handy appliance to save me a few precious minutes. After weeks of waiting around for water to boil atop the stove, I realized an electric kettle was just something I could not live without. So I did a little research and stumbled across what has now become my favorite kitchen purchase of the year.

With massive sales still going strong this holiday season, I would’ve been a fool not to take advantage of Zwilling‘s continued offerings. From trusted cocottes to timeless ceramic baking dishes, the fan-favorite retailer really does have it all and at prices too good to pass up. Their line of electrics, called “Enfinigy,” includes a selection of toasters, blenders, scales, and, of course, electric kettles. I settled on the Enfinigy Cool Touch Pro Kettle. Modern, German engineered, and on sale, this water-boiling powerhouse was a game-changer.

Turns out, I made a great choice. After switching on the kettle, water literally begins to boil within seconds. At under two minutes, a full canister of water comes to a roar, while the outside of the kettle remains cool to the touch. Even more thrilling, returning to my 51-ounce kettle at 6 p.m. to boil water for a pot of pasta, I found the water inside still warm from my mid-morning cup of tea nearly seven hours earlier. The kettle’s base has a concealed heating element for hygiene and durability (say goodbye to unsightly calcification) and hidden cord storage, so my countertop stays just as clean as the kettle itself.

Zwilling‘s new souped-up Enfinigy Cool Touch Pro boasts a 360 degree base with single touch functions and 6 preset program settings for precise temperature control. Talk about high-tech! Plus, it comes in two new, fancy colorways: rose gold and gold, in addition to classic silver and black.

Whichever pretty color you choose, you’ll be getting the most efficient, sleek, durable, and hygienic electric kettle out there. I use this kitchen appliance at least three times a day, and it is truly my greatest kitchen purchase of the year. Get it now while it’s on major sale!

Buy: Enfinigy Cool Touch Pro Kettle, $129.99 (normally $170)