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I Was Never a French Press Fan Until I Tried This Sleek Coffee Maker — Now I Use It Every Day

published May 3, 2022
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Coffee has been a part of my life from the very beginning. The very minute it was was age appropriate, I had my first cup of rich, toasty coffee, and I never really looked back. As I’ve gotten older, however, I’ll take occasional breaks from coffee to find a less jitter-inducing or acidic option. When I travel, for instance, I’ll opt for a lightweight alternative that packs a delicious punch. But truthfully, no matter what I try, I find myself faithfully returning to my dependable, delicious cup of joe.

The biggest problem with my coffee obsession, aside from the acid reflux, is how I get my daily cup. I find myself traveling to my favorite coffee spot far too often (just ask my bank account). Finding an at-home brewing setup that wasn’t out of my price point just wasn’t as easy as it seemed. Desperate to discover a solution, I decided to try out Fellow’s newest French Press, even though this has never been my go-to brewing method in the past. I figured, if anyone were to transform me to a French press aficionado, it would be Fellow — the makers behind some of the most stylish and quality coffee tools in the game.

Turns out, I was right. All it took was one brew in this unique Clara French Press, and I knew I’d discovered my new go-to daily coffee routine. Now besides being the best-looking French press I’ve ever seen — with a signature Fellow rounded body and Scandinavian-inspired handle — this essential gets the job done. It’s super easy to use. Just fill the grinds and water to the internal ratio lines, give it a couple of minutes to steep, and voila — a delicious cup of coffee is ready to go. Each 24 oz. brew yields at least three servings, and thanks to Fellow’s innovative vacuum-insulated walls, you’ll never be pouring cold coffee, even if it’s your third cup of the day. This press keeps coffee warm for a ridiculously long time. I’m talking literal hours!

I’ll let you in on a little secret. I actually double my ratio of grinds to water, making a condensed, more potent coffee. It’s a brewing method I haven’t found effective in other French presses. But thanks to the Clara’s ultra fine mesh press, no grinds escape into my cup, even when I grind them on the finer side for a more espresso-like pour. Plus, the quality of the mesh seems to extract even more of the flavorful oils from the grounds, resulting in the unmistakable taste of my favorite beans. I mean, what’s not to love about that?

The real reason it has become my go-to method of making coffee in the morning: It’s never complicated or time-consuming to use. Besides the actual brewing part, which is a breeze, the cleanup is E to the Z. The Clara’s interior is lined with non-stick walls, meaning all you have to do is compost your grinds, and then give it a quick swipe with your sponge and it’s ready for the next brewing session. Plus, unlike other glass models, this Fellow iteration will never crack, shatter, or scratch. What it will do, however, is continuously brew you a dang good cup of coffee in no time and look gorgeous while doing it.