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I Used to Be a Coffee Fanatic Until I Discovered This Magical Matcha

published Dec 9, 2021
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Young woman standing in kitchen, drinking coffee
Credit: Westend61/Getty Images

Growing up with an espresso-loving Italian father, it’s no surprise I fell in love with coffee at a young age. The toasty aroma, a mug warming your hands, the creamy deliciousness… when I say I love coffee, I mean it. So it’s fair to say it would take something equally as delicious to convert me. Clearly a skeptic myself, it took an unexpected alternative to change my mind. Enter: Mantra Matcha.

Mantra Matcha is taking the trendy tea to a whole new level. They offer a host of matcha options, all boasting an impressive ingredient list of superfoods and fun flavors. Blends like Rose Hip Dragon Fruit or Strawberry Lemon ensure that you will never have a boring cup of tea again. But where the brand truly sets themselves apart is through their unflavored Super Premium Ceremonial Matcha, which is the base of all the aforementioned blends.

By far the purest matcha you’ll taste, this tea is bright green, signifying that it’s made with only the best of the best tea leaves, brought to us directly from farm to cup. Simultaneously smooth, bright, and fresh, this stone-ground tea is far superior to any muddy matcha blends you may have tested in the past.

Yes, the flavor is unparalleled in the world of matcha, and once mixed with my date-sweetened homemade almond milk, it is truly the most beautiful verdant hue. But there’s another reason why I made the morning switch from coffee to tea: I love a ritual. For the same reason I look forward to my uncorking some rosé and settling down to unwind with my wine glass at the end of the day, I have come to fall asleep looking forward to making my morning cup of matcha. My Efinigy Cool Touch electric kettle, which never warms to the touch but keeps its contents warm for hours, brings water to a boil in a matter of seconds. Once I switch that bad boy on, I’m ready to go.

Credit: Stella Totino

There’s loads of fancy matcha products to buy out there, but for me, I simply stick to my electric kettle, a small bowl, and a matcha whisk. The most important factor in my ritual is the matcha itself, watching that green powder dissolve and froth as I whisk it before swirling in the milk.

The moments after preparing my matcha are also soothing, as I challenge myself to sip slowly, sit with myself and my morning tea, and try not to gulp down the delicious beverage all at once. I encourage you to try Mantra and create your own morning matcha ritual.