Costco Just Brought Back This Popular Snack, and Fans Can’t Wait to Get Their Hands on It

published Apr 15, 2023
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Mckinney, TX / USA - August 12, 2020: Costco Wholesale Entrance with shopping carts and customers in a sunny day
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My philosophy in life is that there are only two types of people: those who love anything mint-chocolate and everyone else. I fall into the everyone else category, and typically reach for a Samoa or Trefoil when it comes to Girl Scout Cookies, but I get the hype. Personal feelings aside, the undisputed champion of Girl Scout Cookies is definitely the Thin Mint — so much so, that it has a following akin to that of Beyoncé. 

If you’re a fan of Thin Mint cookies and have made it through all of your boxes of the crispy, mint chocolate-coated delicacy now that Girl Scout cookie season has ended, Costco‘s got you covered. The grocery giant and Girl Scouts have teamed up to bring back the famed Thin Mint pretzels inspired by the fan-favorite treat in a Costco-sized bag just for you. 

Crunchy, salty pretzels meet rich, minty dark chocolate and come in a 26-ounce resealable bag for only $10.59! I know I said I wasn’t much of a mint chocolate fan before, but I do love pretzels, and this just might be the snack that makes me a convert. 

The re-release of the confection has been met with mixed reactions from fans, as some praised the return of the snack and even recommended putting them in the freezer. Other commenters, however, aren’t impressed, with one saying, “I bought these before, and they just went to waste.” Whatever your preference is for your Thin Mints, though, it doesn’t hurt to try these pretzels.

If you do decide to take my suggestion and give the pretzels a try, let me know what you think; I just might pick some up myself.