This $9 Costco Snack Is a Sweet-and-Salty Mash-up of One of the Most Iconic Cookies

updated May 11, 2022
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Picking a favorite department at Costco is no easy task: There are stacks of seasonal surprises stocked center stage, freezer cases filled with ready-made breakfasts and dinner shortcuts, plus those curated cases of wine. Even the consistently great produce section (mushrooms! And lemons!) keeps me coming back week after week.

Lately, though, I feel like I could pick a favorite. The Costco section that I’ve been most excited to shop these days is the snack section. After consistently carrying the same lineup of bars, chips, and nuts, my local Costco recently refreshed the snack aisles — and there’s one bag I keep going back for. The best snack that Costco carries are the Girl Scout Thin Mints Pretzels. (Look at me picking all these favorites!)

Credit: Patty Catalano

Girl Scout Thin Mints Pretzels, $9.29 for 26 ounces

If you ask me, the annual argument over which Girl Scout cookie reigns supreme is an effort in futility. Try as they might with innovative offerings (have you tried the newest cookie?), no Girl Scout cookie compares to the classic Thin Mints. I have already cleared space in my freezer for the emerald boxes filled with mint-infused dark chocolate cookies, which I’ve ordered from my favorite scout. And now, after picking up a few bags of these mint cookie-coated pretzels at Costco, I have to make space in my pantry as well. Allow me to explain.

Credit: Patty Catalano

See, the Girl Scouts have done the impossible. They’ve found a way to improve on my favorite cookie. This snack has everything I love about the classic Girl Scout confection — rich dark chocolate combined with an invigorating mint flavor — and added salty, crunchy pretzels. This isn’t just any chocolate-covered snack, thanks to the intensity of the mint infused in the coating made from 100% real dark chocolate. And it has the perfect proportion of pretzel to chocolate, striking the balance between salty, sweet, and minty.

The packaging for these cookie-inspired pretzels is what you would expect from Costco — a hefty (26-ounce) bag. Hey, at least it’s resealable! Every time I open the bag, it’s like cracking the cellophane of a fresh sleeve of Thin Mints, and who can’t support that?

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