I Tried the New Thin Mints-Inspired Pita Chips from Stacy’s and Everyone Needs to Try Them at Least Once

published Aug 30, 2022
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I Tried Stacy's Thin Mints-Inspired Pita Chips
Credit: Ni'Kesia Pannell

I’m a true Thin Mint cookie fan. My obsession with the Girl Scout staple is so intense, that I refused to try any other variety of the cookie until I began working for my local council in the late 2000s. But even then, it wouldn’t be until the early 2010s — when I relocated to Atlanta and began working at that council — that I really tapped into other flavors.

Now, as someone who has really enjoyed their fair share of Girl Scout cookies and running cookie booths with multiple troops, I’m very open to trying any type of Girl Scout cookie — including those that are “inspired by” the treats. So, when I saw that Stacy’s (my favorite pita chip purveyor) had a new Thin Mint-flavored pita chip hitting shelves this season, my interest was very much piqued. And lucky for me, I got to taste them a bit before their release to confirm if they would be worth their weight in gold.

Before I jump into my true opinion, I’d like to note that this particular flavor is like others in the Stacy’s brand: twice baked, made with real pita bread, and without both artificial flavors and MSG. Now that all that’s out of the way, let’s start with appearance. The bag has the classic Stacy’s black look, but just like the boxes of Thin Mints, it features the iconic green Girl Scout coloring.

Once I opened the bag, I got a huge whiff of my beloved Thin Mints and immediately got excited. The chips are brown opposed to their traditional beige-like coloring to reflect the Thin Mints cookies. As far as taste is concerned, this is where I couldn’t quite decide if I was for the new collaboration or against it. Allow me to explain.

Credit: Ni'Kesia Pannell

The limited-edition chip — which arrives on shelves in September — is literally a mashup of pita chips and Thin Mints and each flavor can be tasted in every bite. With that noted, it kind of confused my tastebuds a bit because you get the savory taste of pita chips paired with the cooling effects of the mint and semi-sweet taste of the chocolate. It kind of reminded me of something sugar-free. The great thing about the kerfunkle my palate experienced, however, was that I wanted to keep eating them to determine what my final verdict was. As a result, I had gone back to the bag more than a dozen times for a chip or two in less than five minutes!

So the part you’ve all been waiting on: would I recommend trying them? The short answer to that is yes because I believe in trying everything once. Would I buy them? Probably not. But that’s because my palate is obviously unstable and can’t determine what’s going on. As someone that loves Thin Mints though, I would give them a smooth 3/5. Stacy’s nailed the smell, look, and essentially the taste of the beloved cookie that I do think lovers of both brands will appreciate. And the coolest thing about this new collaboration is that Stacy’s Pita Chips is making a $50,000 donation to Girl Scouts of USA — and I’m always here for supporting those who support our youth. Here’s hoping that when I come back to them another dozen times later in the week, my tastebuds will have gotten their act together!

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