5 of the Most Surprising Groceries You Can Get at Costco

5 of the Most Surprising Groceries You Can Get at Costco

Lisa Freedman
Jun 19, 2018
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Costco is pretty darn surprising. For starters, we never really know where to find the pasta sauce from one week to the next. (See: The Most Annoying Thing About Costco.) We're also often surprised by just how good some of the deals are. ("Four-dozen avocados for 12 cents?") And there are also some products we're just so shocked to see ... in a Costco!

Here's a list of five of the most surprising Costco finds.

1. 100-Calorie Vodka Cocktail Popsicles

Essentially Freeze Pops for grown-ups, these Skinny Freezers by Slim Chillers are eight-percent alcohol. They come in four flavors — Appletini, Lemon Drop, Watermelon Lemonade, and Cosmopolitan — and select Costcos (in California, Arizona, Nevada, and Colorado) are offering them in variety packs for the summer. We didn't realize Costco was getting into the night club business!

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2. Pre-Prepared Organic Spaghetti Squash

We fully admit that this is totally a brilliant idea: It's a six-pack of cooked and shredded spaghetti squash. It's just kind of jarring to see. Spaghetti squash is supposed to come in nature's very own hard-to-open package. What's next? A bucket of bulk, pre-shucked oysters?

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3. Nutristore 1-Year Premium Meal Kit

Last fall Costco launched this emergency kit, which can feed four people for up to one year. It's non-perishable and includes 600, one-gallon cans of all sorts of (maybe yummy?) things like pasta, freeze-dried corn, dehydrated apples, instant milk, and more.

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4. Japanese Wagyu New York Strip Loin Roast

Wagyu beef in and of itself is not that weird. What's weird is the fact that we just don't know who is going into Costco to pick up 13 pounds of the stuff — for $1,200. Maybe a chef or two, but certainly not our cookout-throwing neighbors.

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5. Sid Wainer & Son Cheese Lover Artisan Celebration Cake

We've seen wheels of cheese stacked into a makeshift wedding cake before, but we had no idea that Costco sold a ready-made version. It seems a little unwieldy and costs $440, but at least the price includes free shipping and handling.

What are some of the weirdest groceries you've spotted in Costco (either in the store or online)?

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