10 Cleaning Products You’re Sure to Fall in Love with, According to Pro Housekeepers

published Feb 14, 2022
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Credit: Mackenzie Schieck

As a person who writes a lot about cleaning, I’m always on the hunt to find new-to-me kitchen cleaning solutions. Part of it is for the novelty, and part of it is because it’s my job, but the real motivation is that I want to find the best method to clean more thoroughly — and in less time. I’m a firm believer that with the right tools, cleaning doesn’t have to be a hassle. And at times, maybe it can even be fun

In an attempt to find some new finds in the cleaning world, I decided to tap a few professional house cleaners. I asked them to share the stuff they absolutely love to use. (It is Valentine’s Day, after all!) Here are the products they are raving about. Check them out, and you just might fall in love too.

1. Dawn Powerwash

I’m a huge fan of Dawn Powerwash, and so is Zeynep Mehmetoglu, a cleaning expert at Maid Bright. Of course, she uses it to wash dishes, but she especially loves the foaming cleaner for how it cuts through grease and grime on tough surfaces. “I’ve used it to clean grates on top of the stove and inside my oven, and it also works well in bathtubs to wash away soap scum,” she says.

2. Efferdent Denture Cleanser Tablets

If it works on dentures, it can pretty much work on anything — including things in your kitchen. Apparently, the tablets’ effervescence can lift stains from coffee cups and even descale coffee machines and deep-clean water bottles. Mehmetoglu especially loves using them for kids’ water bottles, which are a little bit harder to clean because of their narrow mouths. Just fill the bottle with water, drop a denture tablet inside, let it sit for 15 minutes, then rinse.

3. A Drill Brush Set

Why use a sponge when you can use a drill brush? Alex Varela, general manager of Dallas Maids, uses one to remove stuck-on grime from kitchen tile. “I like to use it by sprinkling on some baking soda with Dawn soap, then I scrub everything out with my drill after 10 minutes,” he says. Be sure to carefully follow the instructions on the set before using.

4. A Steam Cleaner

Another gadget Varela loves is a steam cleaner. He recommends finding one that’s versatile and works equally well for wide surfaces, such as floors and walls, and for small crevices and detail spots. Steam’s vapor molecules can easily clean dirt and stains. Plus, the heat helps kill bacteria. It’s great for areas with stuck-on grease, especially the stove, he says.

5. Cleancult Orange Zest All-Purpose Cleaner

Need an all-purpose cleaner? Varela loves Cleancult because the brand focuses on natural ingredients, has eco-friendly packaging, and is honest about the chemicals they use. The orange scent, specifically, is his favorite because it contains citric acid and limonene, which he says are powerful cleaning agents for any kitchen surface.

6. White Vinegar

Whether you need to shine up glass or de-grease the microwave, Steve Evans, owner of Memphis Maids, recommends keeping a jug of white vinegar on hand at all times. This one from Walmart has a 5% acidity concentration, so Evans says it’s safe to use on almost any kitchen surface (except granite, marble, and hardwood floors).  

7. Commercial-Grade Microfiber Cloths

Microfiber, which is woven with much smaller fibers than regular washcloths, are way better at trapping particles than cotton. Plus, they’re far more absorbent when you’re wiping up liquid spills. Alessandro Gazzo, general manager of the Dallas-based cleaning company Emily’s Maids, swears by these cloths from The Rag Company, which have a near-perfect rating on Amazon.

8. A Scouring Stick

Irina Nikiforova, owner of Rocket Maids LA, says scouring sticks are one of the most powerful products if your kitchen needs deep cleaning, but you can’t tolerate strong chemicals. “Cleaning companies that only use green products will often use this stick on ovens because it doesn’t produce harsh fumes,” Nikiforova says. “The only warning is that this stone shouldn’t be used on ovens that have stainless steel surfaces inside.” Also, make sure you wet the stone before you use it.

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9. Bar Keepers Friend

When she’s dealing with hard-water buildup (or really, any other kind of stain), Nikiforova grabs this classic cleaner. A trick she always uses: Mix powdered Bar Keepers Friend with water, to make a paste, then apply it to your cooktop. Let it sit for 10 or 15 minutes, then wipe it away for an almost brand-new surface.

10. A Plastic Razor Scraper

If you have a ceramic cooktop, Nikiforova says you need this plastic razor scraper for removing pesky, burned-on gunk. “I’ve seen so many damaged cooktops that can’t be cleaned with regular cleaners,” she says. “This plastic scraper is super effective.” As long as you use it according to the instructions, Nikiforova says it’s simple to use and shouldn’t damage the surface of your cooktop. You can also try it on any other surface with burned spills or grease build-up.

Do you have a favorite cleaning product? Tell us all about it in the comments below.