10 Cleaning Supplies I Always Buy at the Grocery Store

published Feb 8, 2022
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I try to be as strategic as possible every time I make a grocery run. I make a list, grab my things (hopefully without having to backtrack), pay, and leave. To increase efficiency, I not only buy my groceries at the grocery store (duh), but I also get my cleaning supplies there. This saves me time because I don’t have to stop at a second store. And surprisingly, I’m always discovering all sorts of new-to-me cleaning products and tools! (Because I’m sure you’re wondering: I haven’t found the prices to be all that much higher than drug stores or anywhere else.)

This week, when I shopped at two of my favorite grocery stores — Trader Joe’s and Sendik’s Food Market, a locally owned supermarket here in Wisconsin — I took an extra-long pit stop in the cleaning aisle to give you a little tour.

Here are 10 products I’ve added to my rotation.

Credit: Ashley Abramson

1. Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile Soap, $12.99

If you’ve never used Dr. Bronner’s 18-in-1 soap, I’m here to tell you that you need to pick up a bottle. Whether you whip up your own all-purpose spray or mix this stuff with baking soda to DIY a soft scrub cleanser, there are so many useful ways to use castile soap — an environmentally-safe, vegetable oil-derived alternative. While $13 may seem pricey, the bottle is huge and the multi-purpose soap is super concentrated, so it’ll actually last a while. 

Credit: Ashley Abramson

2. Trader Joe’s Multi-Purpose Cleaner, $2.99

I use an all-purpose cleaner pretty much every day to wipe down my counters and kitchen tables, so I like to keep a backup on hand in case I ever run out. This one from Trader Joe’s is plant-derived, so I feel good using it around my kids and on surfaces where I cook. Plus, it also cuts through grease. The best part? It has a pleasant cedar wood and sage scent.

Credit: Ashley Abramson

3. Trader Joe’s Pop-Up Sponges, $7.99

Short on kitchen storage? Look no further than these cute pop-up sponges, which stay compact until they get wet. They’re made of vegetable cellulose, which is surprisingly sturdy and tough on kitchen gunk. You can even compost them when you’re done. One pack contains a dozen petite sponges, so you’ll be well-stocked.

Credit: Ashley Abramson

4. Trader Joe’s Super Amazing Reusable Kitchen Cloth, $2.99

If you’re trying to use fewer paper towels, Trader Joe’s Reusable Kitchen Cloths (sold in packs of two) are a great alternative. They’re made of super-durable viscose, which comes from wood pulp and absorbs 10 times its weight in water. Just toss them in the wash and reuse.

Credit: Ashley Abramson

5. Rebel Green Sparkling Glass Spray, $5.85

I’m totally sold on Rebel Green’s throwback label and planet-friendly ingredients. The spray, which is peppermint- and lemon-scented, uses plant-based surfactants and essential oils to clean glass (so if you can’t tolerate typical glass spray smells, this one is worth trying). 

Credit: Ashley Abramson

6. Bar Keepers Friend Soft Cleanser, $2.95

If you’ve never tried BKF’s soft cleanser (it’s a liquid, as opposed to the powder), then run, don’t walk to your local grocery store. This stuff is great for cleaning and shining up stainless steel. The formula clings to vertical surfaces too, so you can use it on your dishwasher or fridge. It works like a charm!

Credit: Ashley Abramson

7. Bon Ami Powder Cleanser, $1.49

Another old cleaning favorite you might not know is at the grocery store: Bon Ami Powder Cleanser. With the natural abrasives limestone and feldspar (plus baking soda), Bon Ami is amazing at cleaning tough residue from counters, cookware, and grout, and it’s even gentle enough to use on glass cooktops. 

Credit: Ashley Abramson

8. Weiman Granite & Stone Disinfecting Wipes, $4.95

My grandma originally introduced me to Weiman, and I’ve been a fan ever since I tried their stainless steel cleaner on my own fridge. I’m not normally a huge fan of wipes due to the waste, but there aren’t too many disinfecting cleaners that are safe to use on stone counters. This Weiman product is like a Clorox wipe, but for granite! And it makes cleaning a total breeze.

Credit: Ashley Abramson

9. Lemi Shine Dish Detergent Booster, $5.55

If you, like me, are tired of filmy residue on your wine glasses, it may be time to start using a dish detergent booster. This one from Lemi Shine uses citric acid to wash away minerals from hard water and reduces pesky spots and film on your dishes. Just add it to your pre-wash compartment before running a load.

Credit: Ashley Abramson

10. Cerama Bryte Cooktop Cleaning Pads, $2.05

These scratch-free pads (sold in a pack of five) are just abrasive enough to scour away tough stains from glass cooktops — all without marring its delicate surface.

Do you buy any cleaning products at the grocery store? Tell us in the comments below.