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I Bought This $80 Vacuum Because a Professional Cleaner Suggested It — And It’s Nothing Short of Amazing

published Feb 10, 2022
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Eureka Mighty Mite Vacuum

Back in 2020, I was going through a very hard time, exacerbated by the pandemic. (I think most of you here can relate.) I finally admitted that I needed help; that something had to give. I write about cleaning and organizing for a living, but my husband and I decided to call in a professional to help us do a deep cleaning every now and then. (I recognize and appreciate the fact that we were in the position to make this happen.) She’d bring all of her own supplies, but we needed to provide the vacuum. Of course, our Very Pricey Vacuum had just randomly stopped working.

Apparently, it was not worth fixing and I’d need to get a new one. Fine. However, I was not willing to spend a lot of money on a new one just to have the same thing happen again down the road. I mentioned the vacuum issue to my pro, and she texted back with a link.

“This is a good vacuum cleaner for a house that has mostly hardwood floors,” she wrote. “I have literally tried almost every kind and brand of vacuum and this is my favorite. It’s super lightweight and has great suction. It will also do area rugs as well.” I clicked and checked out the price tag. Only $80? For a vacuum with such a glowing review? I looked at the other reviews on Amazon. More than 7,500 five star write-ups? Sold.

She was not kidding when she said it was lightweight. I almost worried the box was empty when it arrived! I unpacked the pieces and “assembled” the vacuum without even reading the manual. I use quotes here because it barely even counts as assembly; it’s putting tubes together. And then I turned it on.

Because it’s so lightweight, I honestly didn’t expect much. How much suction could this little guy actually produce? Turns out, a lot. (It even has a slip ring on the handle that you can open and close to increase or decrease the desired level of suction.) Most of my house features wide, old hardwood planks, with fairly large gaps between them. I also have very long hair and a very shed-y pup who is a messy eater, so there’s always lots of fuzz, lint, and crumbs to pick up. This vacuum somehow manages to get every last bit and there’s no real roller bar for hair to get tangled up in!

Buy: Eureka Might Mite Vacuum Cleaner, $79.99

I love that, at a press of a button, it can move from bare hardwood to area rugs. It also comes with a few attachments to clean furniture and crevices. The 20-foot cord allows for just the right amount of freedom and has a natural winding system on the belly of the canister. Unlike my old vacuum, this one uses a disposable dust bag situation, and I’m realizing that’s a selling point: It means I no longer have to put my hand inside a dirty, dusty chamber to pull out hair balls.

This vacuum is a joy to use. And because it’s so lightweight, I actually reach for it more than I used to reach for my old one. It’s easy to pull out to clean up a little spot of dirt that’s been tracked in and it’s just as easy to use for a bigger, deep clean. I especially appreciate it when it comes to cleaning the stairs. Turns out, our Production Editor, Tracey Gertler, has the same vacuum and shares in my joy: “It’s my favorite for our stairs and also for cleaning up Christmas tree needles,” she tells me.

I legit love this vacuum, but I might love its $80 price tag even more.

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