14 Surprising Ways to Use Dawn Powerwash — Beyond Cleaning the Dishes

published Feb 12, 2022
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Dawn Powerwash spray

You might have noticed, but we’re big fans of Dawn dish soap. We’ve long sung the praise of this classic blue bottle, which has been around since 1972! Whether it’s fighting greasy stains on clothing or busting baked-on crud on pans, Dawn has rightfully earned a place in kitchens and laundry rooms everywhere. 

So, when Dawn Powerwash Dish Spray made its grand entrance and hit shelves in 2019, it was easy to dismiss as just another way to present an old favorite. After all, how hard is it to use regular Dawn? But the spray foam of Dawn Powerwash really does make Dawn dish soap even better. It’s all because the powerful suds are created in the spray chamber, which means it doesn’t even require water to lather up suds the way regular dish soap does. Dawn Powerwash instantly clings to the surface, so it can do all of its magical grease- and dirt-busting work — minus the scrubbing effort. In fact, the company claims Dawn Powerwash is five times faster at cutting through grease than non-ultra Dawn.

Just as versatile as Dawn itself, here are 14 surprising ways to use Dawn Powerwash — beyond the regular old dishes.

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1. Remove grease stains from clothes.

Grease stains on clothes are notoriously difficult to remove. A spritz of Dawn Powerwash allows the grease-cutting soap to begin breaking down those stubborn greasy spots right away. (The spray works especially well on delicate fabrics.)

2. Spiff up stainless steel appliances.

Dawn is great at removing greasy fingerprints from stainless steel appliances, but Dawn Powerwash allows you to spray surfaces with ease. Simply spray and wipe with a clean rag. You’ll have shiny appliances in no time. 

Credit: Lauren Kolyn

3. Degrease kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen cabinets can get pretty grimy and sticky, especially near the stove and on the parts near high-touch knobs. Dawn Powerwash dissolves greasy smudges in an instant. Spray it on, wipe it off. Done.

Credit: Cat Meschia

4. Dissolve grease on your range hood filter.

Your range hood filter can quickly become a big greasy mess. Spray it with Dawn Powerwash and you can dissolve grease in a flash. Remove the filter, set it in the sink, spray it on both sides, and allow it to sit for a while. Then just rinse the filter with hot water to rinse off the grime.

Credit: Lauren Kolyn

5. Clean dirt off your outdoor furniture.

Outdoor furniture gets a film of hard-to-remove dirt. In lieu of scrubbing with a bucket of soapy water, spray your dirty outdoor furniture with Dawn Powerwash, and rinse all of the buildup away. 

Credit: Sarah Crowley

6. Shine up your windows.

Dawn has long been used in window-cleaning solutions, often combined with the power of vinegar. Using Dawn Powerwash is quicker and easier than mixing up a DIY cleaner and allows the foamy suds to have longer contact with the glass. 

7. Clean shower glass.

Dawn Powerwash is just so good at cleaning shower doors. Spray a vinegar and water solution on the glass, and then follow with the miracle foam of Dawn Powerwash. It adheres to the doors better than a solution made with dish soap and water and penetrates soap scum better than ever. Rinse off and squeegee, and you’ll have crystal clear glass!

Credit: Lana Kenney

8. Get the bathtub sparkling.

You know that ring that forms around the perimeter of the bathtub? It’s a mixture of product buildup, soap scum, and body oils. And, yep, Dawn Powerwash works wonders on it. Spray, allow to sit, and wipe away with the scrubby side of a sponge before rinsing. 

9. Remove grime from greasy tools.

Every once in a while, those handy tools you keep in the garage could use a refresh. Spraying with Dawn Powerwash and rinsing them off removes the grime. To avoid rust, just make sure to dry your tools thoroughly before putting them away.

Credit: Sarah Crowley

10. Keep windowsills and tracks looking spotless.

Along with outdoor furniture, window tracks and windowsills collect sticky dirt. They’re one of the most stubborn things to clean. Dawn Powerwash loosens all of that dirt and makes the job so much easier. Spray, allow to sit, and then wipe away that black stuff with paper towels or a rag. 

11. Clean the stovetop and oven.

Because it’s made to cut grease, it’s no surprise that Dawn is perfect for cleaning stovetops and ovens. You know the drill: Spray Powerwash, allow to sit, and scrub or wipe away.

Credit: Sarah Crowley

12. Break up carpet stains.

Dawn soap is gentle and effective at breaking up stains, making it perfect for tackling unsightly spots on the carpet. Using Dawn Powerwash means that when accidents happen, you can just grab and spray. Agitate with a rag and make sure to rinse out the soap. 

Credit: Joe Lingeman

13. Polish up the air fryer.

When it’s time to clean your air fryer, Dawn Powerwash makes it a cinch. Brush off crumbs, spray Dawn Powerwash, and use a soft-bristled brush to reach hard-to-reach spots. Wipe away the soapy residue with a damp rag. 

Credit: Rachel Joy Barehl

14. Scour your outdoor grill

The power of Dawn comes into play once again in addressing another greasy household mess. Perhaps the greasiest and messiest? Spraying the components of your outdoor grill with Dawn Powerwash means the foam can cling to and penetrate stubborn, burnt-on messes. 

Do you have other smart ways you use Dawn Powerwash? Tell us in the comments below.