This Tiny Shirley Temple Critic on Instagram Will Melt Your Frozen Heart

updated Jan 28, 2020
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Credit: Brent Hofacker/Shutterstock

It’s not hard to find beer reviews, or people talking about various wines and cocktails on Instagram, but this week the internet found itself what might be the first — and certainly the best — reviewer of Shirley Temples. Leo, the self-declared Shirley Temple King, gives short video reviews of the non-alcoholic soda and grenadine drink popular with the small set at various restaurants. He rates each on a 10-point scale and offers commentary on the quantity and placement of the cherry garnish.

Yesterday, the pint-sized reviewer learned a little something about going viral: “That’s just mind-blowing!” he said of the wild growth of his Instagram followers after the food editor of People tweeted about his reviews.

Shay Spence described the King’s criticisms as “brutally honest,” and said “it’s so pure, I love him so much.” Which is basically the only way anyone can feel about someone who awards a 9.5 score at least in part because a drink served in a disposable plastic cup has maraschino cherries on both the inside and the outside. Other reviews see drinks get dinged for the type of cup they are in (glass over plastic for this guy), the lack of cherries (poor form by Longhorn Steakhouse), or “looking like grape juice.” The kid’s got fancy taste, too, as his review from the Palace Hotel notes (that one’s a 10) that it comes in a hurricane glass — a rare treat.

The oldest reviews on the account start about six months ago, and the growth of the King in being comfortable on camera and asserting his opinions — and expertise — are heartwarming to watch. The first few, he’s nervous and unsure of himself, but the most recent ones are decisive and specific. And absolutely all of them are the most adorable thing on earth, as is one of his few non-review posts, where he screenshotted an article about rapper Akon liking Shirley Temples and invited him to drink one with him.