This (Actually Delicious!) Non-Alcoholic Wine Is My Go-To for Weeknight Sipping

published Sep 30, 2022
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null wine
Credit: Studio Null

Listen, like many of you out there, I, too, enjoy a drink from time to time. Whether it’s a cold pint of beer, a freshly shaken margarita, or a neat pour of bourbon, I’m game. However, looking back at quarantine, I got to thinking: We were all drinking a little too much during the pandemic, right? [Looks around nervously.] Well, I definitely was, and the unofficial consensus among alcohol-enjoyers coming out of lockdown is that a lot of us are hoping to cut back on (or cut out) our booze intake.

While I’m not looking to cut out alcohol from my life entirely, I’ve definitely pared down my guzzling — and for good reason. Unfortunately, however cruel it might seem, alcohol is, in fact, pretty bad for the ol’ internal organs, and lowering your number of drinks per week is a good start to getting on the right track, at least healthwise. Another reason to dry out a little? Hangovers. It’s not that I don’t love waking up feeling like there’s an icepick lodged between my eyes, it’s just that life is a whole lot easier when you don’t dread pre-noon plans on the weekends. Thankfully, there are plenty of non-alcoholic options out there for folks like me who are trying to take it easy these days. My favorite, as of late? Null Wines

Now, I’ve been drinking NA beer and spirits for a while now, and I really enjoy them as a weeknight option to pair with dinner. For wine, though, I had yet to find an NA bottle that really spoke to me. When I first heard about Null, I was skeptical, but I have to say, Null Wines rocks. I got The First Release, a selection of three unique, booze-free wines (red, white, and rosé). I know, I know — NA wine? Isn’t that just grape juice? The answer: not at all. Null Wines are 100 percent wine, just without the alcohol. They start the process by making delicious, full-alcohol wines, then they gently distill out the alcohol to leave you with a product that has all of the complex flavors and aromas that come from fermentation and maturation but won’t leave you with a headache the next morning. Oh, and did I mention there’s no artificial ingredients and an average of just 20 calories per glass? 

Credit: Studio Null

Besides the great taste — they’re all delicious, but the Blanc Burgunder is my favorite — this vino is great for entertaining (no need to worry about a designated driver if you’re sticking to NA wine!). Personally, I’ve found that alternating it with glasses of full-alcohol wine when I’m hosting parties is a great way to enjoy myself while still making sure my friends aren’t wrecking my new rug. 

If a hangover-free bottle of wine (that still tastes exceptional) sounds like something you’re interested in, pick up The First Release, and pour yourself a glass… or three. 

Buy: The First Release, $85