A Quinoa Woman Costume for Halloween

(Image credit: Alexis Buryk)

Inspired by Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman in her Paradise Island mini skirt, Quinoa Woman is an earthy feminine goddess member of the League of Super Foods. With her grain sack cape and her fork bangles, she has been known to pair up with Captain Kale for an occasional dinner.

All you need to become this superhero is some burlap, some cardboard, and a whole lotta pom pom trim. Read on to complete your Halloween transformation to Quinoa Woman.

(Image credit: Alexis Buryk)

This is the second in our series this week of Halloween costumes for food-lovers! Captain Kale and Quinoa Woman definitely belong together.

All of these costumes are designed to be relatively easy (and not too expensive) to make. None require more than a quick trip to the fabric or hardware store, and some super basic equipment.

(Image credit: Alexis Buryk)

How To Make a Quinoa Woman Halloween Costume

What You Need


Large beige t-shirt (for skirt)
14 yards beige pompom trim
1 yard burlap
2 metal forks
Velcro tab
Beige shirt

Sewing supplies
Flexible fabric glue
Plastic wrap
Sharpies or other permanent markers


  1. Make a skirt and headband out of the t-shirt. Cut the bottom of the t-shirt off to create the skirt. Hem the cut edge and run a piece of string through the top to create a drawstring waist. Also, cut off one sleeve of the t-shirt to create a headband.
  2. Make “quinoa” out of the pom poms: Snip off the pom pom balls but leave one bit of string to represent the little quinoa curly tail.
  3. Glue the pom pom “quinoa” to the costume: Glue the pom pom balls to the shirt, skirt, and headband with flexible glue. (Tip: Slip a piece of plastic wrap under the fabric that you are gluing onto so that the glue doesn’t soak through.)
  4. Make the cape: To create the cape, cut the burlap into 2 big rectangles. (Save one strip of burlap for a belt). Stitch the rectangles together along three sides. On the fourth side, turn the edge down and hem all the way around. Run a string inside the hem to create a drawstring. For the image, you can stencil the writing with a Sharpie or freehand it (like I did!).
  5. Make the belt: Use the strip of burlap you saved for the belt. Secure the ends with Velcro and glue a piece of cardboard to the front for the belt buckle.
  6. Make the bangles: Bend the forks into a circle to make Quinoa Woman’s bangles. The thinner the metal, the easier it will be. I had to smack these with a hammer a few times to get them to curve.

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