5 DIY Popsicle Molds You Can Make At Home

updated Jun 22, 2022
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Reusable molds might be the most convenient way to make ice pops, but there are plenty of easy ways to make homemade popsicles, like these strawberry-yogurt pops, without them.

You can even try using some of these DIY popsicle molds to turn your favorite cocktail into a frozen treat like this aperol spritz popsicle. All you need are some basic tools you probably already have in your kitchen. Just don’t forget the popsicle sticks!

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1. Small Baking Tins

Those small canelé molds, mini brioche tins, and mini muffin tins you have stashed in the kitchen are good for a lot more than just baking. Any kind of small baking tin can double as a good DIY popsicle mold.

2. Paper or Plastic Cups

Small (or large, if you want to go for massive pops) disposable paper or plastic cups are an easy and inexpensive stand-in for popsicle molds. And some recipes actually work even better with cups than with molds.

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3. Loaf Pans

You might not have a popsicle mold, but there’s a good chance you have a loaf pan in the kitchen. For easy removal, be sure to line the pan with plastic wrap or parchment paper. After the popsicles are partially frozen insert the sticks, evenly spaced apart. Once they are fully frozen, slice into individual servings.

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4. Ice Cube Trays

Yes, this makes a smaller popsicle, but that just means you can eat more of them. To use an ice cube tray as a DIY popsicle mold, simply fill each section with the popsicle mixture and once it’s partially frozen, insert short sticks. Continue freezing until solid.

5. Small Yogurt Containers

Go ahead and push a stick straight through the top of the container for a cool frozen yogurt pop, or reuse old containers (that have been cleaned, of course) to make any other flavor of pops. Add the mixture to the cleaned container and freeze partially. Add popsicle sticks once partially frozen and then continue freezing until solid. For the best results when using these as a DIY popsicle mold, try and go for small containers that are a bit on the taller and narrower side with an open rim around the edge.

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Your turn! Anything we missed? Have you ever made Popsicles without a mold?