The Easiest, Simplest Way to Make Frozen Yogurt Popsicles

(Image credit: Kare of The Hazel Bloom)

So, it’s getting hot out, and you (or maybe your kids) are craving something cold. But ice cream and popsicles aren’t exactly a mid-day snack. You know what is, though? Yogurt! Here’s a simple, easy way to make frozen yogurt pops with almost no work whatsoever.

Kare at The Hazel Bloom shows us how to make frozen yogurt pops with nothing more than individually-sized yogurt cups and sticks. Pop a stick in, freeze, and ta-da — a nice frozen yogurt pop to lick on a hot day.

We imagine this would work best with full-fat yogurt, but that’s still a healthier treat than the more indulgent weekend sundaes.

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Have you ever tried this? How did it work out? (Other ideas for yogurt pops — use a vacuum sealer, or just freeze in a loaf pan and slice.)

(Image: Kare of Kitchen Treaty)