Valentine's Day

The Right Bubbly Wine for Your Relationship Status This Valentine’s Day

updated Dec 17, 2019
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It’s Valentine’s Day and if you, like me, have not yet figured out what you’re drinking tonight, there is no shame. There is still time to choose something special — and by special, we mean bubbly. There really is nothing like the fizzy stuff when you want to feel festive.

The real question is: Which bubbles should you drink? As we know, not all bubbles are created equal, but there really is a bubble for every occasion — or, in this situation, a bubble for every relationship status. Read on to find out the right fizz for you.

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If you are single and loving it: Rosé Champagne

Feeling footloose and fancy free? We applaud you. And, whether you are planning a night in with a bubble bath to go with your other bubbles or hanging around with your best gals, we suggest you applaud yourself, too. Go ahead and splurge on something totally delicious, a little bit spendy, and pink. Why not? You’re worth it.

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If you are single and a little sad: Cava

We’re not going to tell you not to be sad; we all hate this day just a little bit because we’ve all been single on Valentine’s Day. So, if you want to pull a Bridget Jones and watch sappy movies and drink, we will not stand in your way. In fact, we will encourage you to go out and buy yourself a bottle of cava.

At around $10 to $15 per bottle, it won’t break the bank, but it will feel indulgent nonetheless. Plus, it goes with your favorite takeout (whatever it is) and, at 13 percent ABV, it’s low enough in alcohol that you shouldn’t feel too bad the next morning.

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If you are in a brand-new relationship: French 75

So, you’ve just started dating someone and you’re keen to impress them with your skills. Maybe you’re making dinner; maybe your S.O. is. But we suggest you take control of the apertifs by making this classy three-ingredient cocktail. It’s easy and fizzy and it will definitely impress your date.

We suggest using cognac (or you can use gin if you already have it on hand) and don’t go over the top with your bubbles. Prosecco’s light, bright flavor makes for easy pairing and the price tag is easy on your wallet, too.

Get the recipe: Arnaud’s French 75

If you are celebrating a big anniversary: Non-Vintage Brut Champagne

Is this a very special year? Do you want to celebrate it with a special bottle that you can buy again in a year, or two years, or 10? We suggest a bottle of non-vintage brut Champagne. Don’t think too hard about this one — most Champagne is non-vintage — just look for a bottle that you know and love.

Save the label for your scrap book (or just ‘gram the bottle and get a copy printed out) and then, down the road, know that you can buy a bottle that will taste almost exactly the same.

If you are coupled and looking to mix things up: Crémant d’Alsace

You’ve been dating for a while now. Long enough that Valentine’s Day is pretty much just another date night, but you still want to do something — you know, mix up your normal go-to of beer and Szechuan takeout (although that does sound amazing to us, we’re just saying).

Here’s our pick for you: Try a bottle of Crémant d’Alsace. A Crémant is basically a word to describe a Champagne-style wine made outside the region of Champagne. It’s really very similar, but it comes from Bordeaux, say, or the Loire. Right now, Alsace is the region we’re really digging for its sparkling rosés. Even better, they’re all under $30.

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What are you drinking this Valentine’s Day?