3-Ingredient Strawberry Banana Smoothie

published Jan 1, 2024
Strawberry Banana Smoothie Recipe

This 3-ingredient smoothie is creamy and refreshing.


Makes2 3/4 cups

Prep5 minutes

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Head on shot of two glasses filled with strawberry banana smoothie in them, and garnished with sliced strawberries and bananas.
Credit: Photo: Alex Lepe ; Food Stylist: James Park

My absolute favorite smoothies to sip are super creamy ones packed with big fruit flavor. It also helps that they’re really pretty. This classic strawberry banana smoothie checks all those boxes: It has the prettiest bright pink color, is bursting with the sweetness of strawberries and bananas, and is just creamy enough thanks to the addition of whatever milk you have in your fridge. Best of all, you only need three ingredients and five minutes to make it.  

Key Ingredients in a Strawberry Banana Smoothie

  • Frozen strawberries. One 10-ounce bag is just the right size to make two smoothies. If there are any truly large strawberries, halve them (especially if you aren’t using a high speed blender).
  • Fresh banana. We found that fresh rather than frozen bananas gave this drink bigger banana flavor. 
  • Milk of choice. Any kind of dairy or non-dairy milk will work here.

Do You Need to Put Ice in a Smoothie?

You don’t need ice in a smoothie. Instead, go for frozen fruit. It adds more flavor, keeps the smoothie from tasting watery, and gives the drink that signature icy consistency. 

How to Make a Strawberry Banana Smoothie

  • Add ingredients to the blender. Here, we call for adding the banana, milk, then frozen strawberries.  
  • Blend. Blend the ingredients together on high speed until your drink is smooth and creamy.

Strawberry Banana Smoothie Variations

This creamy smoothie is absolutely delicious as-is, but there are also quite a few variations, whether you want to add a boost of protein, squeeze some greens into your day, or just give it a fun twist.

  • Yogurt. All yogurt is fair game here, and adds a nice boost of creaminess. I love vanilla yogurt, as well as Greek yogurt, which adds a tangy twist and boost of protein. I recommend adding up to 1/2 cup yogurt.
  • Cottage cheese. This is another way to up the creamy factor and give your smoothie a protein boost. I recommend adding up to 1/2 cup cottage cheese.
  • Leafy greens. If you’re looking for ways to get more greens in your day, a handful of baby spinach or chopped kale is the answer. The smoothie won’t have the same pretty pink hue, but it’ll still have the same sweet fruit flavor.
  • Nut butter. If you love a PB&J sandwich, a heaping spoonful of your favorite nut butter is a good addition.

Strawberry Banana Smoothie Recipe

This 3-ingredient smoothie is creamy and refreshing.

Prep time 5 minutes

Makes 2 3/4 cups

Serves 2

Nutritional Info


  • 1

    fresh banana

  • 1 cup

    unsweetened milk of choice

  • 2 cups

    frozen strawberries (about 10 ounces)


  1. Peel 1 fresh banana and add to a blender. Add 1 cup unsweetened milk of choice and 2 cups frozen strawberries. Blend on high speed until smooth and creamy, about 1 minute. Pour into 2 glasses.