The New Pie Trend You’re About to See All Over Instagram

published Jan 16, 2018
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(Image credit: Call Me Cupcake)

The bakers of the world have really been raising the bar on pie crusts lately. Not long ago it was an advanced display of baking prowess to make one’s own flaky, delicious pie crust from scratch, but now pie crusts are transcending mere domes and lattices and becoming an artistic medium that rivals even the most over-the-top latte art.

Instagram is full of pies that are so intricate and beautiful even Martha Stewart has to applaud them, and now bakers are even experimenting with bright, beautiful pie crusts in unexpected colors.

A golden-brown pie crust is a thing of beauty, but Food Network star Raiza Costa of Delight Dulce gave her blueberry pie a purple crust that reminds me of Violet Beauregarde from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Costa put her recipe online, and she says it’s possible to use whatever food coloring you like (her pie crust was colored with blackberry juice).

The crust stayed bright purple after being baked, too.

Photographer and cookbook author Linda Lomelino also made a bright-purple pie, although hers is actually filled with apple. Lomelino used blueberry powder as a natural food coloring.

And FindFarah’s dreamy Instagram has featured some gorgeous, artistic pie crusts in the past, but she says this vivid green pie is her first attempt at a matcha pie.

And yes, the matcha pie still retains its bright-green color after baking.

These playful pies look really cool, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. If you can color a pie crust with blackberry juice or blueberry powder, you can pretty much make a pie crust any color you want. Turmeric and beet powder are both frequently used to color foods naturally, and of course we can’t forget cocoa.

The possibilities are endless. We could make pink pies for Valentine’s Day, green pies for Easter, and purple pies for watching the royal wedding on TV.

Have you ever made a colorful pie?