Have Hard Boiled Egg Leftovers? Try Freezing Them!

published Sep 4, 2012
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090412-eggyolk.jpg I’ve been focused on high-protein snacks lately, and a tried-and-true taste is a hard boiled egg. I love them dearly and usually boil a full dozen at a go. Some weeks I eat them all and some weeks I turn to the freezer for help!

Although egg whites don’t take too kindly to freezing (they will leak water and turn funny colors), the yolks are perfect for freezing.

To do this, simply cut your egg in half, discard or eat the whites, and then toss your yolks in a zip top bag. Freeze and thaw when needed.

They can be great additions to deviled eggs when you want a little extra filling. You can also crumble them on salads, in wraps or on sandwiches.

(Image: Flickr member Andrea_Nguyen licensed for use by Creative Commons)