I Just Learned the “Most Wild” Way to Peel an Egg Without Using My Fingers In 10 Seconds Flat

published Apr 11, 2024
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Credit: Rochelle Bilow

Peeling boiled eggs is one of those dreaded kitchen tasks that people are always looking for a better way to do. It takes forever, it’s hard to get all the tiny bits of shell off of the egg, and often you wind up inadvertently pulling the egg apart. Boo.

There are a whole bunch of ideas out there for the best way to get your eggs peeled. There are tips for how to make easy-peel eggs in the first place, gadgets to make it easier, and even a method that skips peeling altogether. But I recently came across a hack that promises to take the fuss (and your fingers) out of the whole endeavor in a way I’d never seen before.

In the video, user @moztheman drops a boiled egg into a jar, adds a bit of water, screws on the lid and then proceeds to give the whole thing a good shake. The shell is completely removed in a few seconds, leaving him with a perfectly peeled egg with very little effort.

Much like the shake-between-two-bowls method for peeling garlic, this method removes the fussy work from the equation and just bashes the heck out of the egg to remove the shell. The water both cushions the egg itself from the force of impact as you shake, and helps separate the shell from the egg itself. While researching I discovered that we tested a similar TikTok hack that included the extra step of cracking the eggs on the bottom before boiling, but this one seems even easier.

I also found another very similar (but maybe even more helpful for me personally) trick. This post from @charledandallie uses a drinking glass instead, and just covers the top with one hand. This version requires a bit less of your kitchen — I don’t always have a clean jar with a lid on hand, but I do always have a drinking glass. The egg, however, does not come out fully peeled. You can see at the end of the video that although she does still have to peel the egg, it all comes off very easily in one or two easy swipes. Still a win in my book.

Have you tried peeling your boiled eggs by shaking them in a jar? Is there an even better way? Sound off in the comments!