20 Side Dishes to Serve Alongside a Juicy Steak

20 Side Dishes to Serve Alongside a Juicy Steak

Once you've mastered the art of cooking the perfect steak in the oven, you can start to think about finding your perfect seasonal side dish. There are so many options available, but only certain sides are worthy of sharing your plate with a steak.

Start with this list of 20 mouth-watering options. We guarantee you'll find something that fits your taste.

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1. 15-Minute Buttered Balsamic Mushrooms

When cooked in a buttery balsamic vinegar sauce, the mushrooms become tender and infused with an intense, slightly sweet flavor.

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2. How To Make the Creamiest Mashed Cauliflower

Mashed cauliflower is a dreamy, creamy side that feels right at home with a juicy steak. Lighter than mashed potatoes, it has an earthy, nutty flavor and needs nothing more than butter and salt to feel complete.

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3. Garlicky Roasted Broccoli

Something magical happens to broccoli when you roast it in the oven with plenty of garlic and then sprinkle it with lemon juice. It becomes one of our favorite side dishes of all time.

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4. Stovetop Brussels Sprout Hash with Crispy Sage & Walnuts

When you get tired of always roasting your Brussels sprouts, this is the recipe to try. Sautéing gives the sprouts a completely different texture — plus, the addition of pancetta doesn't hurt either.

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5. 3-Ingredient Roasted Dijon Potatoes

Partnered with grainy Dijon, these potatoes have a pop of tang to complement their crispy, crackly edges. And best of all they go with everything, most especially steak.

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6. Modern Green Bean Casserole

Say goodbye to that can of condensed soup — this modern recipe replaces it with a roux flavored with sherry. And the fried onions? Sesame sticks from the bulk aisle make a fitting replacement.

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7. How To Make Glazed Carrots

While steamed carrots may be a classic, glazed carrots are how you take your culinary skills up a notch. You can use any cut of carrot you like, and mix and match flavors in the glaze to your liking.

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8. Braised Radishes with Shallots & Bacon

If you've only been eating your radishes raw, you've been missing out. Cooking radishes, whether through braising or roasting, mellows a bit of their bite and brings out a juicier flavor. Give it a try — you'll never look back.

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9. Roasted Green Beans with Harissa

Roasting your green beans, instead of sautéing or steaming them, gives them a smokier flavor and a bit of a char. Plus, the harissa dressing adds a whole new dimension to a simple side dish.

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10. Kale & Potato Gratin

Think of this as a lighter take on gratin, since it is filled with kale and doesn't goo too heavy on the milk and cheese. Just don't skip the breadcrumb topping — it really completes the dish.

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11. Braised Fennel & Shallots

Braised vegetables have a leg up on other vegetable preparations. Cooking in a bit of liquid gives them a tender juiciness and makes sure they are fully creamy and tender.

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12. Potato, Squash & Goat Cheese Gratin

Thanks to the goat cheese in this gratin, you can skip the cream all together. And we say take it easy on yourself and skip the pretty layered patterns — a jumble of slices will taste just as good.

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13. Roasted Rutabaga with Brown Butter

Don't discount the humble rutabaga. It has a lot going for it, and with this simple preparation it can become a go-to side dish that stands in for roasted potatoes — no problem.

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14. Easy Lemon-Ginger Spinach

When you want something green to pair with your steak look no further than a bag of baby spinach. Paired with a knob of fresh ginger and a lemon, this version is light, refreshing, and ready in minutes.

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15. Rosemary Roasted Potatoes

We're definitely meat-and-potatoes people when the menu includes a steak and these rosemary roasted potatoes. It's a classic meal that feels special enough for company, but can also be low-key enough for a random Wednesday.

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16. Balsamic-Glazed Pearl Onions

Onions aren't normally a stand-alone side dish, but these small balsamic-glazed ones can do just that. They have the perfect, refreshing balance of sweet and tart that pairs well with steak.

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17. Asparagus Ribbons

Roasted asparagus is great, but if you want a different way to enjoy the spring vegetable, consider this salad made of asparagus ribbons. Simply use your peeler or mandoline to slice fine ribbons, and then toss them with your favorite dressing.

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18. New Potatoes with Herbs and Anchovy Butter

For anyone who likes the flavor of anchovies, this side dish is sure to be a winner. Bonus: You can easily pull this together, thanks to all the pantry-friendly ingredients.

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19. Mushrooms on Toast

You can go fancy with this side dish or keep it simple, but however you decide to serve it, it's a guaranteed crowd-pleaser and a welcomed companion to a juicy steak.

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20. How To Make Crispy Baked Sweet Potato Fries

Banish soggy sweet potato fries from your kitchen forever with this foolproof tutorial. The key to success is tossing your sweet potato wedges with cornstarch or potato starch before coating with oil and baking.

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