I Only Drink My Coffee With Oat Milk, And This Is The Brand I Can’t Live Without

published Jul 7, 2023
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A latte is a coffee drink made with espresso and steamed milk.
Credit: Getty Images/ Boy_Anupong

Okay, when I say I only drink my coffee with oat milk, that doesn’t include the times when I get it from coffee shops. There, they like to upcharge, so I stick with dairy. But at home, when I prepare my morning cup just the way I like it, plant-based is the way to go. Over the years, I’ve tried different kinds of dairy-free alternatives, from soy and coconut milk to almond and cashew. In my opinion, none of them come close to tasting as smooth as cow’s milk, which I enjoy but prefer not to drink because it makes me feel sluggish.

Finally, I gave oat milk a try, and it instantly became my go-to. Notably, it makes a great base for just about anything — cereal, smoothies, coffee, and even savory pasta and rice dishes. (And, on a less serious note, I like the Goop-y, Gwyneth Paltrow vibes that oat milk lends to every beverage.) All of that being said, it took a long time to find a brand I really liked. Some would leave behind a strange aftertaste, whereas others came out runny no matter how much I shook the carton. Then, I tried Willa’s — specifically, their discovery pack — and I can confidently say that the search for the perfect oat milk is over.

What is the Willa’s Oat Milk Discovery Pack?

First, it’s important to point out that Willa’s oat milks contain only organic ingredients and no artificial food additives. A few months ago, I remember seeing a flurry of news articles and TikTok videos claiming that certain oat milks might contain oils, fats, and other ingredients that cause inflammation and other adverse effects. But clearly, you won’t have to worry about any of that with this brand. With their discovery pack, you get three 32-ounce cartons of their best-selling milks: the Original Unsweetened carton, the Barista blend, and the Dark Chocolate flavor. Whether you mix them into beverages or enjoy them on their own, you can rest assured that the milks not only taste good, but they’re also good for you. And because Willa’s uses the whole oat, you’ll find their milks to be higher in protein and fiber compared to some other brands.

Credit: Willa's

Why I Love Willa’s Oat Milk

Unlike other oat milk brands I’ve tried, Willa’s oat milk is unbelievably smooth and doesn’t add an unpleasant aftertaste to my meals and beverages. In fact, I’ve never been a fan of chocolate milk, but I found myself sipping theirs all on its own — and thoroughly enjoying it. I liked the Barista carton, too, because it’s made specifically for coffee. You’ll find that it froths better than the original and just complements your cold brews and cappuccinos splendidly. That being said, the Original carton is good for everything. And although I don’t follow a strict nutritional regime or go out of my way to be super healthy, I still love that these oat milks make my daily diet just a tad more nutritious without any sacrifices or effort required on my part. In essence, I can’t recommend them enough, so whether you try one carton to start or get the entire discovery pack, you can’t go wrong.