What’s a Good Warm-Weather Thanksgiving Dessert?

(Image credit: Leela Cyd)

Q: I’m doing Thanksgiving in Southern California this year, and in addition to pumpkin pie, I’d like to make a second dessert. I’d like something a bit lighter and more suited to the climate and the end of a heavy dinner, but still, well, Thanksgiving-y.

I was thinking a fruit tart of some sort, but cranberries are out (my Mom isn’t a fan). My only other thought was a pear tarte Tatin? Or something I could put a hard cider sorbet on top of?

Can anyone help me find a light dessert that still feels like Thanksgiving?

Sent by Glynis

Editor: We actually just did a Thanksgiving dinner in sunny California and did a bunch of make-ahead desserts that might fit the bill, check out the lineup here:

Readers, what lighter desserts would you recommend?