The Spelt Berry Salad You’ll Be Eating All Summer Long

(Image credit: Jessie Snyder)

No holiday BBQ is complete without a satisfying side dish or two. There’s always the requisite grilled corn on the cob and potato salad, but what if you want to mix things up a little this year?

This spelt berry salad — packed with chickpeas, grapes, and almonds — might be just what you need.

This salad has all the right things going for it: chewy spelt berries, juicy grapes, and crunchy celery, plus a punch of protein from the chickpeas and sprouted almonds. You toss everything with a flax oil-based dressing — with lemon, maple syrup, and fresh dill — and dig in.

Simple, wholesome, delicious — I think you just met your summer salad soul mate.

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