The Splurgy, Space-Saving Cookware Set I Use Every Single Day

published Apr 7, 2022
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The very fact that I am writing this post surprises me. For starters, because I’m not usually a fan of splurging. And because I have spent most of my career telling people they do not need cookware sets. (Usually, cookware sets come with too many things you don’t need and, sometimes, not enough of the pieces you do need.) But, let me just tell you, the Staub Stackable set is impressively worth its price tag and (very minimal) shelf space. It’s so versatile, I use at least one of the pieces every single day. And I rarely have to reach for anything else.

The Staub Stackable set comes with a 5.25-quart Dutch oven, 3.5-quart braiser, 10-inch grill pan and a universal lid that sits tightly on all three pieces. All the pieces are made of that same enameled cast iron the brand is famous for. And, as you’ve probably figured out by now, the pieces all nest together for storage. They even come with rubberized bumpers to protect the pots from scratches.

I usually use a 5.5-quart Dutch oven, but haven’t found this slightly smaller size to be limiting. I actually use it even more because it is slightly smaller. (See: green bean example above!) Like all Staub Dutch ovens (the brand technically calls them cocottes), this one has that matte black interior. (As do all the pieces in the set.) I love this over a white interior because it’s less likely to stain and, in my testing, I’ve found it to give meat and veggies a nicer sear. The lid still has those classic Staub basting spikes that send juices back down onto the food below. I’ve used Dutchie (as I affectionally call it) to make soups, chili, one-pot pasta, oatmeal, and more. It’s everything I love about Staub Dutch ovens, only it nests with the rest of the pieces. Speaking of …

The braiser is great for braises, obviously. In addition, I’ve also been using mine as a skillet and a sauté pan, too. I’ve made sauce in it, I’ve pan-fried in it. Here it is being used to cook up a mushroom-heavy sauce for Hetty McKinnon’s sheet pan fried rice.

The grill pan is, well, great for grilling. (These aren’t just clever names, people!) I’ve also been using it to grill up turkey burgers, bacon, fish, sausages, and even grilled cheese. I really like that it has high sides, which help to contain grease and splatter. And the ridges are also high, so you get those covetable grill marks and the grease can drain off.

I tend to use at least one of these pans every day, so it’s pretty rare that I actually end up putting the pieces away, but I like that, when I do, they all nest neatly and take up a limited amount of shelf space. While the kitchen in my home is a lot bigger than what I had grown used to during city living, it’s still not a giant space, so it’s nice to be able to put all of my cookware on one shelf.

  • Pros: You get three highly versatile pans and a universal lid in one set; they’re stackable for storage; they have a matte black interior that creates an optimal sear; the lid fits snuggly and has basting spikes; it comes in five colors including black, dark blue, two shades of red, and gray.
  • Cons: When nested together, the set can be quite heavy (25 pounds); the set is pricey but it’s actually a 30% savings versus buying the pieces individually (and then they wouldn’t stack).
  • Who it’s best for: Anyone who has limited space and likes cooking with enameled cast iron.

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